Training Day and Remember the Titans are Two Denzel Washington Classics


One of the greatest actors of all time is Denzel Washington. He has acted in some of Hollwood’s most memorable and successful films. Two of his best films are Training Day and Remember the Titans. These two films cast him as two very different characters, but his performances in both steal the screen.


Training Day is one of the best Denzel Washington movies, and a film in which Washington’s character plays a streetwise detective in Los Angeles. His character is tasked with training rookie cop, Jake Hoyt, on the ways of the Los Angeles streets. He employs questionable methods in his police work and his sinister nature is revealed as the movie progresses. His character cannot outrun his past shady dealings as he loses his life as a result of past indiscretions. Washington gives a powerful performance in this film and is extremely believable in his portrayal.


Remember the Titans is another one of Denzel Washington’s greatest films. The movie is set in 1960’s Virginia. This was an extremely turbulent time in the country and the Southern United States. Washington’s character is the newly hired African-American football coach at a recently integrated high school. Through the team’s performances, the town slowly begins to heal from the wounds of racial tension. Washington’s character shows compassion and love to all people, regardless of race or religion.


Both of these films show Denzel Washington at his best, and they are some of the most important black movies of all time. His performances steal the screen and are powerful. These two films are by far his best of all time.

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