Greg Finch Perfecting His Area of Expertise

By definition, orthopedic surgery involves procedures done to fix muscle and skeleton conditions in a human body. The common ones include:

Total Joint replacement, which is done to patients who have been diagnosed with conditions such as severe arthritis and need to increase their range of motion or reduce the pain. However, if one needs to reduce the pain felt in a commonly used joint such as the shoulder, a total shoulder replacement is done. Both procedures involve assessment of the damaged parts of the joint and replacing them with a plastic or metal surface, which imitates the shape of the joint that work to reinstate the movement as well as the function of the joints.

Spine surgery is done to patients who have back pain that cripples their activities. One common procedure is spinal fusion in which spinal bones are joined together, therefore limiting the stretching of nerves and motion between bones. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction is another common procedure done to fix ruptured ligaments of the knee. The procedure involves complete removal of the torn ligament and making another using your tissues or from a donor. Once the process is done in the right way by a qualified surgeon, you can return to normal activities.

Mr. Greg Finch is a surgeon who has specialized in pediatrics, spinal surgery, trauma and orthopedic surgery. His expertise is in anterior spinal fusion, cervical spinal surgery, spinal fusion and lumbar spinal surgery. He is currently working at Rockhampton Public Hospital.

Greg Finch started his training in MBChB at the Auckland Medical School in 1991 and later advanced with FRACs at the Royal College Surgeons Melbourne in 2001. He has a great interest in minimally invasive spine surgery and cervical spine surgery such as disk replacement and adult deformity. Greg continues to help patients overcome various spine and bone joint problems.

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