Fruity Flavors of EOS

We all know what a huge problem it is to have dry, cracked lips. Most of us won’t go anywhere without several lip balms in our purses. Seven years ago, the world of lip balm was changed for the better when Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, hit the market. Gone were the days of generic, unflavored balms that were not fun to use or taste. The market was saturated with a unique balm that had an abundance of flavors. Its really hard to settle on just one!  For more of EOS check

EOS lip balm Coconut milk is one of the most unique flavors that EOS has to offer. Sweet and delectable, this flavor is appealing to anyone who loves dessert, fruit, or both. It is refreshing and flavorful without being overpowering.

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Blackberry Nectar is another unique flavor offered by EOS. Sweet, nourishing and bold, this flavor is perfect for the fruit lover who wants something fruity and sweet. It is like having blackberry pie on your lips. You’ll want to keep smoothing on this flavored balm all day, with its fresh aroma.

EOS lip balm Watermelon Wonderland is a flavor that is sweet without being tangy. Cool and light, this flavor hydrates lips while leaving behind a hint of summer taste.  Follow EOS on

These fruity flavors are wonderful for everyone, try all three!


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