Christmas And Securus Technologies

When Securus Technologies create something to use in correction facilities, one can only bet that it works, and that it was necessary. This is the case with the video visitations that they made for use in the jails. The incarcerated people also need to reach out, and feel loved at the holiday. The video visitations make it possible for them to see and hear from their loved ones at holiday time. They can take part in the festivities, even though they can’t be there, and it makes them feel content and cheerful during the holidays.

In an effort to teach the public that this is a good thing, Securus Technologies is going to run commercials about the video visitations all through the month of December. They want the public to know how much this is a benefit to all people. It saves the jail owner money, as well as the incarcerated person’s loved one, because they don’t have to spend money on gas and parking.

Securus Technologies is the leader in their industry, and they will continue to develop new, and improved technology in order to make the world a safer place for everyone. They work with the government on a regular basis, by using videos, incident reports and investigations. They deal with over a million inmates every year on a regular basis. Their workers are steadfast and dedicated to their mission. They complete their duties to the highest standards at all times.