ClassDojo Helps Schools Through Technology

One of the biggest changes that has occurred in schools over the past few decades has been the use of technology as a core aspect of daily school activities in the classroom and in the administrative offices. Technology has been used in the past but not as a central operational function. One of the reasons why schools are using technology more is that recent technology advancements have made technology more efficient in school settings.


Technology innovations such as smartphones and WiFi allow teachers to use devices that are relatively small but allow them to do many useful things with the devices. One of the things that many schools have been using lately regarding technology in schools is an app developed by the technology startup ClassDojo. The app allows teachers to do many school related tasks using the app and the network platform that the app uses.


ClassDojo has provided the app to thousands of schools. The app provides a variety of school related features. Teachers can do tasks such as uploading homework, sharing videos, sharing photos, and uploading grades. Students and parents can access the app through the network platform to retrieve the various items uploaded or shared by teachers. The app also provides the opportunity for students and parents to upload and share various items.


One of the features of the ClassDojo app that has received a lot of attention from teachers and parents is the communication capability between teachers and parents. Using the app, teachers and parents can communicate regarding students at anytime. This is an alternative to the traditional teacher and parent student conference. Many teachers and parents have been using the communication to stay up-to-date on student school academic performance.


ClassDojo has raised an estimated 21 million dollars in additional funding for the app. The company will use the additional funding to make enhancements to the app. With its app, ClassDojo is providing many schools with technology that can be used to make the work of teachers more efficient. The number of schools using the app has increased as the popularity of the app continues to increase.

Talk Fusion Brings Video Technology to MarTech Advisor

Bob Reina is an awesome CEO as far as the Talk Fusion employees are concerned. They are loyal to the vision that he has, and MarTech Advisor readers will get the chance to discover his thoughts on video and how he believes that it is the center of marketing strategies for growth.


Television has definitely become the catalyst of the video marketing solutions. He has created a company that has tremendous growth, and many of the IT professionals are still impressed with the way that Talk Fusion continues to grow and become even better. The founder of Talk Fusion has a very valuable product to offer to consumers. He is well aware that video email was something that he capitalized on before it was even available in any other industries. That is why people are calling him a visionary. He brings forth things that people may not have had any ability to conceptualize.


Everybody wants to know a little bit more about what Talk Fusion offers, and Bob has the ability to bring these things forth when he shares his vision with MarTech. The great thing about Talk Fusion is that it is a stable company. It has been around long enough to make things interesting for people that need video solutions. This company has risen to the top, and it is no accident that Bob has been the one that has solidified what this company could do. He is someone that is never taking no for an answer, and he believes that there is a solution to everything that one needs. Sometimes it just takes finding the right people there are going to be willing to push beyond the limits. For everyone that has video solution needs for their business Talk Fusion probably has something that is just right. There are so many different solutions for business needs.


It isn’t every day that software comes along with real time conferencing and video email. This is the type of company that is a once in a lifetime type of organization that is totally changing the way people look at technology.