Talos Energy Works Beyond Boarders

Talos Energy LLC, which began as a small startup by Tim Duncan and his partners, is using their entrepreneurial spirit to push the boundaries of oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos was rated by WorkplaceDynamics one of the top small businesses in the nation, because they believe in compensating all of their team members based on the success of the company. It creates an atmosphere where all of their scientists and staff feel like they have something invested in the outcome of their business, which creates a high energy environment and unmistakable results.

Recently, Talos partnered with London’s Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas company to break up the Petroleos Mexicanos monopoly in the Gulf of Mexico. Through this partnership, they have successfully established the first new well in Mexican waters since 1938. Analysts and scientists working on the project are optimistic about the chances for success in this area, and Mexico will benefit from competition in the area.

The well itself, known as Zama-1, is located in the Sureste Basin off of the state of Tobasco and holds between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude, according to Premier Oil. Premier is the primary investor in the project, and has dedicated $16 million to drill the well, which will take an estimated 90 days. Talos is the chief operator of the well, and commands a 35% stake in the project. Sierra Oil & Gas holds a 40% stake, while Premier holds 25%. As the first well drilled by an entity other than Petroleos Mexicanos, the project will be closely watched around the industry as Mexico continues its process of energy reform.

As Talos continues to set a standard for Houston-based companies, employees and associates are no doubt enthusiastic about the success of this new venture. Named among the top places to work in Houston every year since 2013, Talos continues to push the boundaries of the oil and gas industry by relying on the people that make the company successful.
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New York Is The Inspiration For The Latest Range From Honey Birdette

“The New York Collection” from Honey Birdette is making waves in many different arenas as this line of luxury lingerie is heading on an upward trajectory across the world where the impressive nature of its sensual designs are not going unnoticed. The Honey Birdette brand has recently been going through amazing levels of growth as the brand moves out of its traditional homeland of Australia into parts of the U.S. and U.K.; the latest marketing campaign to accompany the latest batch of luxury lingerie to hit Honey Birdette stores reflects this with a definite dedication to exploring the city of New York.

By exploring the streets and iconic images of New York as models show off the latest sensual lingerie from Australia’s premier sensual store Honey Birdette has attracted the attention of men’s magazines, as well as the traditional female focused lifestyle magazines. The fact men’s magazines are bringing their readers a glimpse into the latest offerings from Honey Birdette it is clear to see the brand is proving a hit with all genders as they set out to create a globally recognized sensual lingerie and bedroom accessories company.

Established in 2006, Honey Birdette has been expanding with a high level of success because of the impressive nature of the luxury lingerie being designed by founder and creative force, Eloise Monaghan; the founder of Honey Birdette created her own vision for a sensual boutique when she was frustrated at the lack of options for impressive lingerie and accessories available close to her home in Brisbane, Australia.

Honey Birdette has been expanding its marketing approach to cover more than just its ever growing number of physical stores located across Australia, the U.K., and limited areas of the U.S. A growing Online sales platform is seeing unmatched levels of growth that has required the creation of a dedicated Internet based sales platform for the U.S. and Canada, where sales have reached record levels.

Eva Moskowitz Contributions to Raising the Standards of Education for Underserved Children

Every child deserves a quality education. While offering quality education is a significant challenge to most governments in the world, some people have made it their life’s goal to see children access quality education. One such individual is Eva Moskowitz. Her career life has involved the championing of a proper education delivery in the States. However, she has focused her strengths in the city of New York with the possibility of expanding her reach. Before founding Success Academy Charter Schools, she held management positions at Harlem Education Fair. Additionally, Eva Moskowitz has contributed to the New York City Charter School Center as a worker. As she held these positions, she put her dedication towards the privatization of public education.


Success Academy Charter Schools are the best performers in the city of New York. Eva Moskowitz refuses to believe that quality education is only for the wealthy. Instead, she works solely to ensure that children from low-income families are not left behind. To achieve her goals, Eva founded the first Success Academy in 2006 with the aim of offering an alternative from failing schools. Through the schools, she has enabled the inner-city children to achieve their full academic potential. The Success Academy Charter Schools operate 41 schools and has created jobs for teachers and hundreds of other professionals including the support staff.


Recently, the network of schools won $ 250,000 grant. According to Eva Moskowitz, the money will go towards the support of college readiness programs. She accepted the prize during the National Charter School Conference held in Washington D.C. However, the money is just but a small portion compared to benefits the schools receive from wealthy individuals from the hedge fund sector. In 2016, the schools reported a revenue of $ 60 million, a 42 percent increase from the year 2014. However, Eva Moskowitz said that the prize was a recognition that the charter schools works towards the development of education for underserved kids.




The elementary school curriculum of the Success Academy has been particularly engineered and designed to assist children with having much more interest in learning than they may have ever had. They will be learning to read materials of both nonfiction and fiction, solving conceptual math problems, understanding scientific problems, finding their own voices of responding to questions, collaborating and coordinating on class projects, planning checkmates, and discovering one’s own artistic talents.


The elementary school curriculum that’s been designed and engineered by the Success Academy is assisting children with truly taking interest in solving problems in the subjects of mathematics, understanding inquiries of science, finding one’s own true voice in which they’ll be able to respond to questions, collaborate on projects in class, and discover their own talents. Scholars are gaining strong foundations of core elements of knowledge and skills of critical thinking that enable them to truly understand each and every subject thoroughly.

Goettl Air Conditioning: They Are All About Giving Back

There is a reason that Goettl Air Conditioning has received the stellar reputation that it has at the moment. First and foremost, they know they have a job to do and it is a very important job. They are in charge of people’s air conditioning, which is something that is of great importance to a lot of people especially in the summer. They rely on it and they need it. Without it, life can be incredibly difficult, especially for older people. One must remember that Goettl Air Conditioning services Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson, which are three very hot areas.

They offer tremendous services for their customers to make sure their machines are up and running at optimal levels. If someone just needs a flat out repair, they are willing and able to do that without any issues whatsoever. They have handled many repairs in the past and they know how to do that swiftly without any problems. They come out as soon as they can to make sure it is done properly and that the customer has a machine they can rely on and count on each and every day. Sometimes there just needs to be some routine maintenance to be ready for any issues in the future and to tackle it ahead of time.

More than that, however, Ken Goodrich has been good to people. He truly enjoys giving back and tries to give back whenever he has the chance. Ken Goodrich respects those that are doing all they can for our country, and he recently helped someone that came back from the U.S. Navy with his college education, according to this link. This is a veteran that has put in his life on the line so people can enjoy the freedoms that are sometimes take for granted. If there is one person that does not take it for granted, it is Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning.

They have lived under stressful times and it can be hard to get back into the routine of normal life. He gave him $1,000 dollars in tools to get started and get him set on the right path. This is his way of saying thank you and making sure he gets the most out of his experience.