Brown Model Agency Takes Over the Texas Fashion Scene

Brown Model Agency is an Austin, Texas modeling agency that has really started drawing attention in the fashion world. The agency’s Wilhelmina Austin Launch Party made an appearance in a Fashionably 8 News program in Austin. The show appeared in April of 2015. It was celebrating the five years the modeling agency had been around in the Austin, Texas area.

Wilhelmina Brown Model Agency models were shown walking the runway wearing Texas fashion designer Linda Asaf’s latest collection. Her collection is titled Summer Frost. She says there is a mixture of summery hues and prints with bits of silver “Frost”. Linda Asaf says her favorites piece was the finale. The finale was a beautiful long evening gown that was made from silvery grey fabric. Linda Asaf said that she predicted a short while ago that the Texas fashion scene was going to really start kicking off. She feels that this Wilhelmina Austin Launch Party is proof that the sky is the limit in the Texas fashion world now.

This growth of fashion designers and fashion world focus in Texas has largely to do with the success of the Brown Modeling Agency. The Brown Modeling Agency has brought forth a number of the best model and theatrical talent in the Texas area. This gives fashion designers enough models to work with. It creates the ability for fashion shows to be realized and not just proposed.

The Brown Model Agency accepts applications via the email provided on their website’s contact information listing. They select the best talent in acting and in modeling. The competitive modeling agency is careful with their selections. They want to offer their clients experienced models who fit certain runway or commercial modeling requirements. The agency wants talented actors and actresses to apply for representation with them. They have landed a few actors spots in popular television shows and other acting work from the number of clients that uses their agency to find the right person for their acting jobs.

The sky is the limit for the fashion world of Texas, thanks to the dedication of the Brown Modeling Agency and of the committed fashion designers in the area. To see one of the next Wilhelmina Brown parties or runway shows, check out the modeling agencies website or their social media pages to see if they have any upcoming events listed.