Rona Borre is the Ideal Model For Business Owners to Follow

When Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona, she landed a good job with a large staffing company as an account executive. By the time she learned the job and knew the ropes, she had obliterated every sales record ever recorded by the company and was in charge of a $30 million book of business.


Making the decision that she had gone as far as possible with that organization, Borre struck out on her own and formed Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing firm which today is one of the most rapidly growing staffing companies in America, see


It is not by accident that Instant Alliance is so successful, as Borre has trained her account executives to master some of the same techniques she had previously used to set all kinds of records. Watch for more. One important strategy that Borre and her team uses is to get to know the upper management of the client companies well. To learn more about what and who they want in the way of personnel is vital, and you don’t get that kind of information on a form, but from the mouths of the top people. Go here.


Armed with the right information, Borre and her account executives can focus on getting the right candidate for the job. The results are targeted and effective. Clients are very pleased, and the scenario continues with new clients.


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