Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Discusses Concepts of Inbound Marketing

The phrase “advertising is the soul of business” has been so common among business people. Today the phrase is seeming to get a sister or a companion which is “content is the soul of business” this is because content marketing and inbound marketing has is becoming so popular and efficient especially through the internet. Most companies are using content marketing as a way of marketing their brand. The content and inbound marketing is becoming so popular among many companies because it is effective and it attracts lots of clients.

Inbound marketing is a way of providing people with whatever they need to solve their problems. The materials include the relevant content, which is aimed at informing them, and mentioning the brand in the content helps the brand to earn the customers trust. Inbound marketing goes together with content marketing. This is according to the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil José Borghi. According to how you create your marketing strategy determine whether you will get customers or not. Most of the content marketing concepts are used and spread wrongly, which in turn result in unproven instant solutions. These concepts include;

Be smart

This is one of most improperly used content marketing concept. Most people focus on providing creative, original and well-organized content on their websites and blogs. According to José Borghi, having great content is good in marketing, but it’s not enough. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Study of Buyer Persona and buying journey among other also need to be included for the content marketing to be effective. In most cases, people who just concentrate on the pain content end up getting disappointed because the results they get are negative.

Be useful

Providing useful content is a great move for content marketing. Determining what is useful among reader of your content is the hardest task. You must find out what your target clients are and what do they want to know about the product or something else. If the content falls in the area of their interest chances of getting positive results are high.

Be Present.

According to José Borghi, the CEO of a Brazil advertising Agency Lowe Mullen Brazil. Being present doesn’t mean you are always available posting content on the social media, website, and blogs. It also means being available to respond to your reader or customers questions. Hiring an ad agency can be a great move since it will follow all of these concepts in depth and give you expected returns. for more.

Talk Fusion Earns a Prestigious Award

The year 2016 seems to be shaping up as Talk Fusion’s best year, having won the TMC’s Communications Solutions Products annual award. The coveted award goes to the most outstanding existing and newly introduced platforms used for video, voice, and data communication. It is Talk Fusion’s second recognition by TMC.


According to Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO, Talk Fusion deserved the award due its superior achievements in the communication industry. As the leaders within their industries, the honorees of Communications Solutions Products award represents that quality of products and services offered in the communication industry.


Talk Fusion’s video chat uses WebRTC technology to facilitate face-to-face communication on windows and smartphone. The video is now available on the iTunes and Google Play Store. Talk Fusion’s second award demonstrates their continued dedication to advancing this cross-communication platform since its launch in March 2016.


For Bob Reina, the chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, the integrated video marketing solution mark the beginning of a series of apps yet to be launched. Talk Fusion’s IT experts stay ahead of the curve to achieve their ambitious plans in the future. Talk Fusion’s Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page views the second award as a testament as to how Talk Fusion has efficient and innovative processes in developing their applications.


On top of the coveted award from TMC, Talk Fusion has unveiled a new website, and introduced its WebRTC Recorder and Free Trials in less than a year. Talk Fusion focuses on helping its associates and users to reach and impress a broad client base.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a cross-communication platform established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Besides, the firm has a strong commitment to giving back to society by offering financial aid to humans and animal charities across the world. As the home to the world’s first integrated marketing tool, Talk Fusion commits to helping businesses increase their sales and stand out from the pact amid increased competition in the IT industry. Through its integrated video marketing solution, Talk Fusion makes marketing more engaging and persuasive.