EOS and How They Stole our Hearts!

Oh, EOS; the O.G. adorable lip balm! In this day and age, if you walk into a Forever 21 or even a Target or Walmart, you’ll see a large assortment of adorably shaped lip balms. However, EOS lip balm always seems to top them all! Why is this? The answer goes much farther than the mere fact that you can match them with any of your outfits or even your moods, and that the flavors are so unique and make our lips feel so soft and beautiful!

Yes, EOS lip balm has stolen our hearts with its pastel colors and spherical design, making it stand out over all others! However, there’s more to our obsession than we know! Going a little bit deeper than the mere design of our favorite lip balm, the fact that it feels more like an accessory rather than a “clinical” item makes it that much more appealing to consumers, as well as the wide range of funky flavors you get to choose from… such as “pomegranate” or “melon”.

Often, lip balm was often treated as something for both men and women, which is fine.. though, with women being the primary consumer group of this item, the overall design of the product was far too bland and created almost a chore out of buying lip balm. The creators of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) realized that this was a major flaw in the lip balm industry. Once the EOS lip balm company decided to do something about this, buying lip balm became a seriously enjoyable trip to the market!

EOS was set on ensuring their product wouldn’t end up being some “fad” that disintegrated over a short period of time – and oh, were they successful! EOS Is still the cutest balm on the market, and reels in tons of revenue for this company from happy customers all over the country! EOS is a hit with social media and has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook.

EOS has successfully stolen our hearts, and we are more than O.K. with it!




How a small startup outsmarted Chapstick and other industry veterans to emerge a favorite

Everyone has seen them, the delightful, colorful, flavorful and delicious smelling pots of lip balm. This idea, which was thought of by EOS, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html, has completely transformed the world of lip gloss. However, the process that it took to arrive at the massive success that the company has enjoyed was not easy.

The first step in the process according to Mehra was rethinking the entire lip care industry. For close to a century, the lip gloss market had been represented by the tubes of chapstick. In fact, the only improvement that was made on the traditional tube of chapstick was the addition of two flavors. To make matters even worse, everyone that was entering the market was simply remaking another tube of gloss and pricing it a little lower. EOS, decided to scrap the tube altogether and designed the pots of lip balm.

The round shape came with its own set of challenges, even though they were appealing, not many people wanted to use their fingers to apply the balm. This led the team to creating a size of pot that was the right proportion to be applied on the lips. They added the click sound the pots make when being shut to appeal more to the customers.

The other problem that presented itself was introducing the new invention to the market. This was not easy. They got their lucky break when a woman in Walgreens agreed to sell their products. The popularity had Well and Walmart stocking within no time. Today, online stores eBay and Amazon are selling EOS too.

Then there was the question of selling the product to millenials. The company decided to have celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato sell the EOS lip balm brand on social media. Taylor swift was made the bran ambassador for East Asia. Soon the entire community of millenials was on board, and a trendsetter had been born.

That is the simple process through which evolution of soft made a product that has beaten all other market veterans and become a market favorite.