Adam Milstein – Solution Oriented

Adam Milstein is quoted as knowing not to rely on others, but, knowing when and how to address a problem and search for the solution within oneself. As an active real estate investor serving as managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties with three locations in California, Milstein still finds time as an activist within his community.


He serves on eight different boards and co-founded both the Israeli-American Council and the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The latter he co-founded with his wife. The Israeli-American Council, the largest Israeli-American council in America focuses on bringing together the 500,000 Israeli- Americans in the United States encouraging philanthropic endeavors, increased relations between The United and Israel, and engaging future generations in the customs and culture of Israel. The Sifriyat Pijama B’America organization helps teach Jewish value systems to the Jewish Israeli-American families here in the United States with free monthly Jewish publications.


Adam Milstein immigrated to the United States from Israel to obtain a graduate degree. He went to the University of Southern California obtaining an Entrepreneurship MBA. When the recruiters visited with him, he realized with his background, education and life experience, entrepreneurship was the right avenue for him obtaining his Real Estate Broker’s license and successfully brokered real estate for three years with a firm. Afterwards, he co-founded Hager Pacific Properties transferring his knowledge and talents into investments where his focus is reuse and rehabilitation of properties without the use of outside funds.


In Milstein’s interview with Ideamensch, his response when asked what one habit makes you a successful entrepreneur, he replied “Follow-up, consistency, and persistency.” When asked for one, he gives three, which is typical of Milstein as he gives back to the community at least three-fold with his outreach endeavors. And, although he is a real estate mogul, the best $100 he recently spent was with his wife and children having a family dinner, which he values as “the most important.”