Todd Lubar: Successful Real Estate, Commercial Demolition And Recycling Business Owner

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He became involved in real estate in 1995. His interest in and talent for all aspects of the industry helped him to quickly succeed. Plus it put him in a position to achieve his goal of wanting to help others while ensuring his family is financially secure. His first job in the real estate industry was as one of Crestar Mortgage Corporation’s loan originators. This gave him valuable experience with and insight into mortgage banking. It also allowed him to develop relationships with real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’s and insurance agents that would become an excellent source of referrals for his business.


Lubar next step in his real estate career in 1999 when Legacy Financial Group offered him an equity position. This enabled him to learn to connect with outside investors to broker loans, expand his lending capabilities and even act like a direct mortgage bank. In 2002 Lubar opened the residential development company Legendary Properties. His experience in the industry helped him to quickly succeed.


After establishing relationships with some major banking institutions that allowed him to as much as $20 million in lines of credit, Lubar started Charter Funding in 2003. The company is a First Magnus Financial Corporation subsidiary

. First Magnus is among the nation’s biggest privately held mortgage companies and being affiliated with them gave Lubar access to numerous products and programs which helped him quickly expand his company. When he identified an underserved client niche he created the company Legendary Financial LLC to meet their needs. Legendary Financial offers commercial loans to companies and individuals traditional lending companies have overlooked.


After doing over 7,000 transactions Lubar turned his interest to commercial demolition. He quickly won numerous large contracts with some of the country’s largest general contractors. Lubar also founded a publicly traded automotive scrap metal recycling company. His success enables him to spend valuable time with his two daughters.

An Overview of Investment Banking

In the field of finance, investment banking is among the most significant in terms of shaping the overall economy. With investment banking, a number of companies can more easily increase their amount of capital as well as issue a more valuable stock. The main department that facilitates investment banking deals is corporate finance. In this department, a number of professionals work together to help complete mergers and acquisitions. The first type of professional in corporate finance is an analyst who makes calculations of stock values as well as putting together information for proposals. There are associates who manage analysts and help draft proposals for clients. Vice presidents meet with clients in person to submit proposals and finalize deals.

They specialize in venture capital, wealth management and advisory. As a result, boutique investment banking firms serve the needs of common individuals and small businesses rather than major corporations. With these firms, a number of individuals can get the guidance they need in order to plan their retirement and get better investment returns. These firms can also provide small companies with start up capital in order to begin operating their new business.

One individual who owns a boutique investment banking firm is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder of his own firm based in Florida. One of the main types of clients Martin works with is individuals. He helps them plan their retirement as well as give them advice on how to best manage their capital. With his guidance, a number of clients have seen great investment returns that provided them with financial stability. Martin’s work ethic and effort are two of the key things that he uses to get great results for his individual clients.

Along with helping individuals, Martin also works with small companies. He often provides them with referrals to source of capital which allows them to finance their operations. On a regular basis, Martin contacts venture capital firms to provide funds to his business clients. As a result, these businesses get the money they need to start up and expand. Martin helps businesses by providing them with advice on how to best manage and invest their capital as well.

Ideas for Becoming a Successful Investment Banker

Most successful investment bankers holding top leadership positions in the sector or running their companies started out in humble positions. For instance, Martin Lustgarten began his career as a credit analyst. His commitment to achieving, willingness to learn, and personal disciplined propelled him to the influential position he current holds. Below are tips for starting out as a credit analyst and rising through ranks.

1. Never get in the comfort zone
The first couple of years in investment banking arena are a tough learning curve combined with long working hours. Sometimes, you may get comfortable, and only think about your current job. Grab new opportunities that come your way, provided they are related to the investment-banking field.

2. Build connections
Once you have completed the credit analyst-training program, you should start performing like other employees. Never shun from seeking help from senior employees and your supervisor. Forge meaningful professional relationships with those who are above you.

3. Be a team player
Most investment banks adopt collective handling of tasks as their management approach. Therefore, the only way to succeed in the arena of investment banking is to become a team player. Share your ideas and be ready to learn from others.

Martin Lustgarten’s Facts

Martin Lustgarten is a Florida-based investment banker, shrewd investor, and dealmaker. He has unmatched experience of working with several companies in the finance and banking arena. His main specialty is to help institutional, and high net worth clients identify promising marketing opportunities and invest in them. Today, Lustgarten serves as CEO of Lustgarten, Martin, a premier investment banking firm founded barely a decade ago. He has helped his company navigate tough economic crisis and achieve immense profits.

Martin utilizes pragmatic investment strategies that produce profitable results. His commitment to meet the needs of his clients has earned him a reputation and more referrals from existing clients. He has managed to expand the operations of his investment bank outside Florida boundaries.

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