Why Jim Hunt Says You Should Stop Worrying About an Unstable Market

As evidenced by the relentless and worldwide market volatility across all sectors recently, investors are becoming increasingly apprehensive…and for good reason. In less than a year’s time, investors were bombarded by a long sequences of unfortunate market events on streetwisenews.com: first, was the degree of inherent volatility we expect in an election year, which was then was drastically underscored by the unforeseen chaos and uncertainty stemming from this election in particular; and, lastly, the year was topped off with relatively meager on ideamensch.com gains that did little to balance the losses.

After a year like 2016, it’s easy to see why investors have become a bit apprehensive, but as market mastermind Jim Hunt of U.K.-based VTA Publications reassures investors; it’s just one year. Luckily for fearful investors all over the world, Hunt shares his not-so-obvious perspectives and in-depth analyses of the market as whole via weekly video updates that, while informative, can be understood by anyone from the most amateur investors to a Wall Street analyst. In his most recent video post, Hunt confronts current investor fear head-on by urging everyone to take a closer look at “the big picture”. Upon viewing an inception-to-date NYSE graph, it becomes evident that these volatile periods, much like the worst downturns/recessions, are only temporary and that the market will ALWAYS recover eventually.

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