Thor Halvorssen Brings New People Into The Human Rights Activism Community

Thor Halvorssen has made a big impact on the human rights activism community during his time as one of the world’s leading activists with his own Human Rights Foundation. One of the main aspects of the work of Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation is the need to bring as many people into the activism community as possible through the many events the group has been working on lover the course of its short, but esteemed history; Halvorssen has remained a key figure in many different areas of the human rights community as his profile has grown with the number of events and campaigns created by the Human Rights Foundation.

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Perhaps the most famous area the Human Rights Foundation has established is the Oslo Freedom Forum where some of the most influential and important figures in the human rights arena have spoken. Not only does the Oslo Freedom Forum bring together hundreds of important members of the activism community, but also allows millions of people with Internet access to seek out the talks and speeches given by former political prisoners and refugees about the reasons for their escape and how their lives have changed over the years.

Uploading as many speeches and talks as possible to the Internet from the Oslo Freedom Forum has been a major part of the growing trend for people of all ages to become more politically active, but other events have also sought to include new members to the activism world. The Hack North Korea event held in 2014 looked to bring technology experts together with activists and North Korean defectors to find new ways of using the latest technology to get information in and out of the communist nation. Another innovation from the Human Rights Foundation has been the College Freedom Forum that takes the format of the Oslo Freedom Forum to major U.S. educational institutions including Yale and Tufts University.

Leader and Activist

Thor Halvorssen has dedicated much of his life to lobbying for the rights of those without power. He has stood up to several establishments including the governments of Uganda and China. Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in an effort to build a strong team against tyranny. He has traveled the world to speak on behalf of political prisoners. China’s usage of slave labor tactics have also been a major focus of Halvorssen’s civil rights agenda.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a legacy of fearless leaders. His father worked for the Venezuelan government has an anti-drug enforcement agent. He was arrested on an erroneous charge of terrorism while investigating the local cartel. Halvorssen’s father spent nearly three months in prison. He was beaten and tortured, but later found innocent of all charges. Thor Halvorssen’s mother was gunned down by government officers while engaging in a peaceful protest. Several other people were injured.

Halvorssen went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to the Human Rights Foundation he also founded the Olson Freedom Forum. The Olsen Freedom Forum is a human rights festival. He also founded the Motion Picture Institute and the bought the Norwegian magazine known as Ny Tid.

Halvorssen was a special guest to Liu Xiaobo at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in 2010. Liu Xiaobo had been a political prisoner in China. Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation lobbied for his release.