Diseases have caused grief in our lives. Due to the high costs of treating diseases and the uncertainty of not knowing when you will be sick, it is essential for you to get a good health insurance plan. Ushealth group of companies provides health insurance covers. These insurance covers are uniquely tailored to suit the needs of every client and also very flexible. Furthermore, it has a wide range of insurance covers to choose from.

First and foremost, Ushealth group of companies offers you the ability to purchase more coverage if and when only you need it without any additional underwriting. In the event that you require an additional coverage, you are able to buy the optional guaranteed short term insurability rider that will cover the expenses incurred in treating that particular disease . This cover is unique as unlike other insurance companies, you only pay for coverage when you need it.

In addition, clients with limited budgets or who can’t be able to afford the comprehensive insurance cover are also catered for. There is a wide range of platforms that provide first-dollar benefits for covered services and network discounts across a broad spectrum of providers. First dollar benefits allow you to receive first dollar payments for expenses incurred up to a maximum benefit of covered health care services .
The med guard health coverage provides benefits for only medical treatment expenses. Med guard health is rare as it covers for clients who survive critical illness. If you are diagnosed with a condition that you are covered for and manage to survive the condition, med guard ensures that you receive a lump-sum cash payment. You are also entitled to use the cash as per your own choice.

Life protector cover provides financial benefits to your family in case of your demise. This cover is not only vital but also necessary. It provides peace of mind for your family. The benefits to be paid to the beneficiaries of the cover are not taxable and can be used for any purpose. This cover is also affordable.

Accident protector cover provides coverage for expenses paid out of your own pocket as a result of accidents. It provides lump sum payouts o injuries that are a result of accidents. The accident has to result to a loss in order for one to qualify for the payments .


Us health group of companies has been able to provide health insurance cover to more than fifteen million people. It is based in Fort Worth Texas and has subsidiary companies like freedom life insurance Company of America and the national foundation life insurance company.

In a world where uncertainties and risks have become a norm, us health group of companies has been able to innovate unique insurance covers that are flexible and reliable . It has a variety of insurance covers to chose from and also offers plans that are affordable.