Why Casting Directors Use Nine9 To Find Talent

CEO Anthony Toma founded Nine9 The UnAgency to assist the 99 percent of models and actors who do not have an agency representing them. Nine9 is where the entertainment industry, such as Nickelodeon, HBO, Reebok and more, goes to cast television shows, commercials, print ads, music videos and more. Breaking into the modeling and acting industry as a beginner is challenging, however, Nine9 provides individuals with the tools that they need to succeed.

In an ideamensch interview, Toma said he is passionate about helping ambitious individuals find high quality opportunities in the modeling and acting business. Founded in 2003 as Coral Reef Productions Inc., Nine9 The UnAgency grew by using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), by Gino Wickman. According to Toma, EOS helped him identify each of his employee’s strengths so they are placed in the right position. Tomas once had a modeling and acting franchise, however, it did not work out. His failure allowed Toma to take the best aspects of his previous business and incorporate them into Nine9, while getting rid of the practices that did not work.

Nine9 maintains a database of audition opportunities that utilizes a casting recognition feature for their talent so that individuals easily locate to suitable opportunities. Casting calls at Nine9 come from reputable casting directors; currently there are auditions listed for The Voice, Kid’s Baking Championships, Little Big Shots and more. Toma is revolutionizing how people find representation, and since the company does not charge industry representatives to list casting calls, casting directors will list their job on Nine9 Talent Agency and get immediate results.

for details Nine9 Talent Agency: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qV3HokLrLk&feature=youtu.be

Susan McGalla Helps Businesses Improve Customer Relations

Susan McGalla has a wealth of experience in the business world. This plays an important part in what she is doing right now as the creative director for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


People have been impressed with the work that she has done even if they are not aware of the position that she held. Susan has worked in the position as CEO for clothing companies, and she has managed to build a brand awareness reputation that has become well known in the industry. Women take time to listen to what she has to say because she knows a lot about the marketing process.


There is no doubt that she is among one of the top business woman in an industry where there are few women that have mastered the art of getting to the top. This is why Susan takes the time to speak at seminars and encourage other women in the business world. She wants women to know that there is a way to get to a higher level in your career, but she believes that women have to take value in education. A degree is certainly necessary for climbing to the top, and she also believes that women will have to work twice as hard, but the opportunities are there.


Susan has worked her way up from lower level positions in marketing to a point where she was an independent consultant that worked on her own. She has a wealth of experience that has given her the confidence to build brands. The way that she has revamped the clothing line for the Pittsburgh Steelers has made lots of people recognize that she can change directions for any franchise. Susan has managed to build a very successful career as someone that was able to help companies improve customer relationships.


Wengie Introduces Some Hacks To Make Life Easier

Did you know you can use a staple remover if you want to open up a keyring to add or remove a key or one of those plastic tag with a barcode on it? Wengie says if you use a razor on material pills, your sweater will look new again. She says to use a dry board pen to mark your favorite spot on the shower spiggot to always know your favorite temperature when you shower. If you live with other people, use different colors for each person.


These tips and many more can be found on this video log.


Lime Crime Makes Fantasy A Reality With These Excellent Unicorn Hair Expansions

Known for their revolutionary, vibrant, 100% vegan makeup line, Lime Crime has been putting out unique products since their conception and that’s not soon to change. In fact, the inspired collection is expanding yet again with three new original colors being added to their awesome collection of Diamond Crushers Top Coat as well as Unicorn Hair Dye. Though the release dates for both expansions have yet to be named, anyone who is interested in staying in the loop is more than welcome to sign up for an email alert through their website.

The three new Diamond Crushers Top Coat shades have been revealed as a rose gold called “Cleopatra,” a holographic tone named “Acid Fairy,” and a oil slick styled lip called “Black Unicorn.” Made from a water base that allows for the lip slick to be used either as a top coat over another lipstick as the name assumes or all on their own if that’s what you prefer. As a long lasting lip gloss that keeps from dehydrating your luscious mouth while also being virtually impossible to smudge or transfer the stain of, Diamond Crushers Top Coat lip shades are perfect for any adventure.

The other expansion that has been creatively entitled “Unicorn Hair Dye” is comprised of eleven jaw dropping colors that being fantasia dream to a whole new level of extreme brilliance. Created to be conditioning and without the need for any peroxide, ammonia, or bleach to make the color set, Lime Crime has exposed eleven weird shades for the peculiar individuals of the world to feel free to dive into and thoroughly enjoy. Including shades of green, pink, purple, red, and grey, these full coverage excitingly vivid colors are matched with the same curious names that exist all through out the Lime Crime makeup line. For example, two of the colors that have had their names outed are that of a pastel shade of light pink that has been officially named “Bunny,” and a cloudy hue of sea foam green which has been fantastically named the “Dirty Mermaid,” managing to fit the ethereal shade perfectly. http://www.ilovelimecrime.com/




Here’s What Customers Are Saying About Fabletics

Launched in 2013, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics company has been offering women of all shapes and sizes an incredibly convenient way to shop for athletic apparel. Hudson’s innovative business strategies combined with a passion for cute athletic gear has turned the business into an enormous success, boasting millions of social media followers.


The company follows the subscription service model which allows users to simply go to the Fabletics website and sign up to become a VIP member by filling out a questionnaire about personal tastes. Each month, these subscribers are sent a full workout outfit in the mail for just $49.95 per month. Shipping is included.


Blogger Teri Hutcheon of A Foodie Stays Fit signed up to become a VIP member and has since blogged extensively about the stylish workout outfits that she receives in the mail each month. She was immediately impressed by the quality of the clothes considering how affordable they were. She was also very happy with the fit thanks to the unique fabrics used by Fabletics that provide extra compression.


Heather and Joanie of thekrazycouponlady.com were enticed by the special offer that Fabletics provides for first-time subscribers. When you sign up to become a VIP member, your first outfit is only $25. Both Heather and Joanie loved the great value that Fabletics offers. They were also delighted by the stylish selections of clothes available on the website.


Customers are also thrilled to find that Fabletics items come in a variety of sizes. While many athletic apparel brands only cater to smaller body types, Kate Hudson has been extremely vocal about her desire to create a company that can be enjoyed by a diverse group of women.


Clearly, Kate Hudson has hit the entrepreneurial jackpot with Fabletics. The brand has taken off and fully embraced the trend of athleisure fashion. Women are buying Fabletics apparel not just for the gym but for everyday wear as well. The website is heavily stocked with cute leggings and sports bras that can withstand intense workouts. However, you can also find more casual apparel items like jersey dresses made with breathable fabrics and handbags with water bottle compartments that look like they came straight from the runway.


If there’s one thing that the majority of reviews about Fabletics have in common, it’s the fact that they all mention the incredible value of the apparel items offered on the website. Many competing athletic apparel brands charge double the price for a single item, but Fabletics keeps their products affordable without compromising quality or style.

Wengie’s 5 Favorite DIY Phone Hacks

Wish you could turn your iphone camera lens into a macro lens? You can do it, and only with a drop of water. Place a single droplet of water onto your camera lens and start snapping away! Water tension will keep the droplet in place, allowing you to take pictures of small objects with high magnitude.


According to Wengie, Sometimes we get our phones dirty while we’re eating, and the sticky feeling left on the screen can be really disgusting. You can avoid this problem by making your own iphone stylus! Chose a pen with a metal casing, and take it apart so that you’re left with the top section only. Then, cut out a piece of a sponge that is just a little bigger than the opening of your pen. Moisten the sponge a bit before inserting it into the pen casing. Now you can use your phone without getting it so dirty.


For those who like to exercise and listen to music at the same time but can’t afford an expensive arm band, here’s your solution: cut a sock above the heel so that you’re left with a band of fabric. Fit this around your arm and fold the bottom over to form a pocket. Now you can easily listen to music while you exercise without breaking the bank!


Many people are guilty of watching videos on their phones for extended periods of time, causing them serious neck pain. This issue can easily be solved. Grab a toilet paper roll and cut a 1/4 inch wide slit into it so that it holds your phone perfectly. Then cut a circle the diameter of your paper roll into the sides of two plastic cups and fit the three together. Just place your phone inside the slit and you’ll have a phone stand with a speaker to alleviate some of that neck pain!