Adam Goldenberg is a Business and Entrepreneurial Success Story

Jumping into the world of business and entrepreneurship at age 13, Adam Goldenberg has made a name for himself during the course of his career. Using the money he received for his Bar Mitzvah, he started an online bulletin board service. At age 15, young Goldenberg turned the service into a gaming website called Gamer’s Alliance. The president of Intermix Media, Brett Brewer was interested in the gaming site and made an offer to buy it in 1997. Brewer had no idea the founder of the company was only 17 years old. Brewer hired Goldenberg and named him Vice President in charge of Strategic Planning and Goldenberg became the 20 year old Chief Operating Officer (COO). This made him the youngest COO of a publicly traded company on Crunchbase.

Goldenberg became the golden boy of Intermix and guided the company to greater success, especially after he partnered with another Intermix acquisition on Youtube, Don Ressler. Reseller was the founder of that was a health and fitness enterprise.

Goldenberg and Ressler became a dynamic team. Goldenberg two men developed and built an e-commerce and performance advertising company called Alena Media. The company generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Intermix. It was the only profitable entity for Intermix.

Intermix was acquired by News Corp in 2005 and after seeing Alena Media fall, Adam Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave Intermix and seek greener pastures. By forming their own company they had control over the development and operation of their company. Goldenberg knew his skills and expertise paired well with that of Ressler and they knew they would excel in the performance advertising industry.

Goldenberg believes an important component in the equation for success is to surround yourself with a phenomenal team on When acquiring the right team members, Goldenberg looks for candidates with passion, not only for what they do, but what Goldenberg’s company has to offer. Passion is the main cog in the wheel that drives success and that is the mantra that drives Goldenberg: “Be passionate.”

One of the most successful enterprises for Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler, is JustFab. The e-commerce business offers cutting edge fashion and accessories for an affordable monthly fee. Upon establishing membership, each participant fills out a survey indicating their fashion and accessory preferences. Personal stylists choose appropriate items based on the members preference and the member has the option to accept, change or decline the selections.

The concept has proven to be very successful for consumers who may have limited time, not to mention funds, to shop.