Eric Pulier Innovative Implementation Of Technology

Eric Pulier is a vibrant technology guru, published author, columnist, public speaker, and a philanthropist. Pulier hails from a humble background in Teaneck, New Jersey. His love for technology was evident as he developed a database computer company when in the 4th grade. Pulier went on to graduate with a degree in American Literature and English from Havard University. While at Harvard, Pulier was a contributor and editor of the school’s Newspaper, Harvard Crimson.




Pulier has pioneered various technology-based ventures and startups for more than twenty years. In 1998, he co-founded Desktone and Interactive video Technology (IVT). He is also the co-founder and chairman of US Interactive Inc. Pulier also serves as the executive chairman at SOA Software Inc. He is also the director and co-founder of Service Mesh Inc., Rich Media Presentation, among many other companies.


Pulier is known for the innovative SOA software program known as AKANA. Pulier developed the SOA program to offer extensive SOA solutions. He later sold the company at a good profit. He is also the founder of Xprize Foundation, where both teens and adults are rewarded for pushing their limits and achieving extraordinary goals.


In 1997, Pulier was chosen to build an innovative technology-based exhibition at the presidential inauguration. The technology dubbed “bridge to the 21st century” was attended by thousands of people and viewed by millions across the globe. The exhibition illustrated how technology could be implemented and add benefit in areas such as healthcare, education, entertainment, government, and family.


During the event, Pulier managed to showcase a real-time interaction with astronauts from a space shuttle. Following the success of the event, Pulier worked closely with the vice president concerning technological issues, healthcare issues, and Family Reunion Conference.




Eric Pulier is well known for his charitable works across various parts of the community. He cooperated closely with former President Bill Clinton to provide affordable solutions for cloud computing in the inner cities. Pulier also pioneered low-cost multimedia platforms to be used at home. His most exciting program was for educating patients with sclerosis about their condition. Perhaps, the most notable of Pulier charity causes is the ‘Painted Turtle.’ The foundation is committed to providing memorable camping experiences to children suffering from chronic illness.


Josh Verne’s Advice on Life

Josh Verne, Chief Executive Officer of, has over 20 years experience in founding, growing, and selling businesses. He has shared 5 values that he believes will help others to “Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business“.

The first key point is to be a leader, not a boss. A boss uses his position to accomplish his own goals. A leader puts others before himself and than uses the respect that generates to accomplish everyone’s goal.

The second key point is that everything needs to be a win-win. Always strive to create a solution that serves everyone’s best interest.

The third key point is to speak less and listen more. The less you speak the more people will listen when you do have something to say.

You need to have balance in your life is the fourth key point. You need to balance your work and home life so that they work harmoniously together.

Finally his fifth key point is that you need to figure out what you are passionate about. If you are going to find success in something it will need to be something that you truly care about.

As an entrepreneur Josh Verne founded FlockU, LLC in 2015. He created the website in order to be by and for the benefit of college students. The website allows them to share content ranging across all areas from sports to sex to schoolwork to everything in between. The students can share both text as well as pictures and video.

Josh Verne had also founded and was CEO of This company enabled its customers to pay for purchases through direct deductions. He built the business and then sold it in 2014 to Global Analytics Holding.