Lime Crime Makes Fantasy A Reality With These Excellent Unicorn Hair Expansions

Known for their revolutionary, vibrant, 100% vegan makeup line, Lime Crime has been putting out unique products since their conception and that’s not soon to change. In fact, the inspired collection is expanding yet again with three new original colors being added to their awesome collection of Diamond Crushers Top Coat as well as Unicorn Hair Dye. Though the release dates for both expansions have yet to be named, anyone who is interested in staying in the loop is more than welcome to sign up for an email alert through their website.

The three new Diamond Crushers Top Coat shades have been revealed as a rose gold called “Cleopatra,” a holographic tone named “Acid Fairy,” and a oil slick styled lip called “Black Unicorn.” Made from a water base that allows for the lip slick to be used either as a top coat over another lipstick as the name assumes or all on their own if that’s what you prefer. As a long lasting lip gloss that keeps from dehydrating your luscious mouth while also being virtually impossible to smudge or transfer the stain of, Diamond Crushers Top Coat lip shades are perfect for any adventure.

The other expansion that has been creatively entitled “Unicorn Hair Dye” is comprised of eleven jaw dropping colors that being fantasia dream to a whole new level of extreme brilliance. Created to be conditioning and without the need for any peroxide, ammonia, or bleach to make the color set, Lime Crime has exposed eleven weird shades for the peculiar individuals of the world to feel free to dive into and thoroughly enjoy. Including shades of green, pink, purple, red, and grey, these full coverage excitingly vivid colors are matched with the same curious names that exist all through out the Lime Crime makeup line. For example, two of the colors that have had their names outed are that of a pastel shade of light pink that has been officially named “Bunny,” and a cloudy hue of sea foam green which has been fantastically named the “Dirty Mermaid,” managing to fit the ethereal shade perfectly.