ClassDojo Raises More Funds

ClassDojo, an application that helps to connect parents, teacher and students has managed to raise twenty one million for venture funding. The money will help the educators to update the parents on their children’s social life, behavior development and other activities during school time.

When there is adequate communication between the parents and teachers throughout the school year, it is easy for the parents to be apprised of what their children are doing in their studies and how their behaviors are. This way, they are not shocked like the parents who discuss issues only during the semester parents meeting.

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The two gentlemen decided to come up with the app to make learning more enjoyable and better for all the people concerned. The co-founders will use the new capital to grow their team and at the same time try to discover the content and features that be of great use to the parents using the app. The team wants the parents to benefit from the application, even when there are no schools.

Educators are also benefiting from the application. It is easy for them to make all the schedules for activities taking place in school known to the parents on a daily basis. They also use the communication app to take photos and videos during the day and send them to the parents, showing the children’s participation in activities or school work.
Class Dojo was started by the two gentlemen in 2011. Sam and Liam decided to come up with the application because they realized that most of the tech business applications specializing in the digital curriculum, testing platforms and grade books, but none of them were connecting the educators and parents. Thanks to the Class Dojo app, a community and culture is created between the students, teachers and parents. Parents are now involved in all the activities happening in school.