Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Reverse Showroom Tactics

The company Fabletics has been in business for three years. It is owned by a woman named Kate Hudson, and she is doing extremely well with it. In just the three years, the company has brought in $250,000,000. That is an amazing amount for just being around for three years. This is due to Kate Hudson’s strategies and techniques, and this shows that she knows what she is doing.

Why Is Fabletics Such A Huge Success, In Such A Short Timeframe?

Fabletics was Kate Hudson’s dream, and she did a lot of research on what she wanted her line of workout wear to be like, as well as how she wanted to run it. While she though of her store, she liked the idea of online marketing, using the technology to benefit her sales. She looked at Apple and Warby Parker that were using reverse showroom ideas to benefit their businesses. She took to the idea, and is using the reverse showroom model as her own now. While she still likes the idea of a physical store, the online platform offers her quite a bit of leeway, and she wants to get all the customers on board that she can. She already has a huge following. Her subscribers keep adding up, in the millions, and they are true to her. They love her clothing, and they can’t wait to see what else she decides to put out.

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Is The Reverse Showroom Model Working For Kate Hudson’s Fabletics?

Yes, it absolutely is working for her. The reverse showroom model allows her to concentrate on the culture of the women in a particular area. By the time that she opens a store in that area, she already knows what they want. She gathers this information online, and uses it to sell in both the physical stores, and online. In the next year, she plans to open at least three more physical stores of Fabletics. This will be added to the ones that she has already opened in Florida, California and Hawaii, as well as other areas. When customers come into her store, they are usually already members; and if they are not, they become one because Kate Hudson has a huge following.

Fabletics is nothing different than her other successes in the past. With her creations, her care for the customer, creating new clothing and her diligence, she is a true retailer whether she uses the physical store or online techniques. She is giving Amazon a run for their money, though they have been around a lot longer than her. It looks like she will continue to develop more of a customer base that is as loyal to her as she is to them, and that is the trick to her success.

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