Rona Borre is the Ideal Model For Business Owners to Follow

When Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona, she landed a good job with a large staffing company as an account executive. By the time she learned the job and knew the ropes, she had obliterated every sales record ever recorded by the company and was in charge of a $30 million book of business.


Making the decision that she had gone as far as possible with that organization, Borre struck out on her own and formed Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing firm which today is one of the most rapidly growing staffing companies in America, see


It is not by accident that Instant Alliance is so successful, as Borre has trained her account executives to master some of the same techniques she had previously used to set all kinds of records. Watch for more. One important strategy that Borre and her team uses is to get to know the upper management of the client companies well. To learn more about what and who they want in the way of personnel is vital, and you don’t get that kind of information on a form, but from the mouths of the top people. Go here.


Armed with the right information, Borre and her account executives can focus on getting the right candidate for the job. The results are targeted and effective. Clients are very pleased, and the scenario continues with new clients.


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White Shark Media Revolutionizes Digital Marketing With Modern Solutions To Businesses

Every business that wants to earn success considers embracing marketing attempts that are tailored to drive success and earn stability. Marketing effectively is a complex process that cannot be delegated to juniors and there is need to have professionals who are skilled to take up the role of promoting the business to beat the difficult business environment that is filled with aggressive competitors. This is what White Shark Media has been doing in the many years the company has been working in the marketing industry. White Shark Media is an established marketing agency that offers digital support to small and upcoming businesses in various specialties.


The company has been delivering unique results that are tailored to supporting the growth and development of small businesses. White Shark Media has seen its portfolio grow over the past five years to become one of the most sought after AdWords management companies in North America. The success of the company came from supporting SEM and AdWords campaigns put up by small businesses in different markets. This led to the approval of the company to join the Google SMB Partner program, which supports small businesses by managing their marketing campaigns.


Bing Authorized Reseller

Apart from earning certification from Google, White Shark Media also got a license to work with the Bing Reseller program, which helps companies to manage their marketing needs through the Bing marketing platform. These certifications portray the effort he company has put to ensuring it works with highly capable entities to offer clients reliable support while managing their marketing challenges.


Working with certified specialists

Apart from offering high quality support, White Shark Media has always ensured the team that is tasked with helping clients is composed of professionals who are trained well and experienced in AdWords and SEM marketing. This offers clients the assurance their marketing effort will lead to success and will bear fruits within the time they expect things to change. White Shark Media is always keen when it comes to quality and has a program that monitors the progress of all campaigns, which also allows the client to get insight into the strategies applied.


Strong eCommerce marketing

Clients with eCommerce stores receive unique support and are supported to work on their challenges seamlessly. White Shark Media offers special marketing packages that are suited to eCommerce businesses and tailored to drive performance within a short duration after the initialization of the campaign.



Anthony Tomas’ Unique Strategy For A Successful Business

Revolutionizing the way actors and models are represented, Anthony Tomas created the solution to the problem most of them face. Everything from finding auditions to knowing what to do next, Nine9 Talent Agency is the agency everybody wants to be a part of. Why? Because it can solve your acting future and get you on the right path to success even if you aren’t the best looking person out there. They can open up opportunities for you to sensibly grow and reach out to getting the auditions you want to reach. Tomas has owned a wide number of businesses in all kinds of departments and categories. Everybody from influential industry leaders to people in other brands, he puts his hard work into whatever business he works on. This is why Nine9 is such a huge success. See Photos Here .

As an actor, you always need to be creative and come up with ideas to know where you’re headed. Anthony Tomas talks about his own ideas and how he brings some of them to life. He writes them down, discusses what roads and paths to take, and he presents it to people he trusts to know where it’s headed. This is how you should be working as an actor. It can inspire you to move forward and know where your career is headed. Only you know which steps you should take to grow further and develop yourself.

Nine9 is the best to work with because of the long list of people they are connected with. You even have the chance to have a casting director instantly pick you out of the website system and hire you for a job without an audition. It can be an instant booking. The key is to be prepared and to know that this company can get you on the right path to gaining stardom. for more .


Why you should Study Kabbalah

Human beings have many things in common. People want to understand themselves; they also want to live healthy lives by fulfilling what they want in life. Everyone wants to be happy and live happy lives and many people want same things. People want to love others and also get loved. People want to have thriving relationships and succeed. People also want to know who have financial security, good health and make their children happy and safe.Human beings live in this world asking themselves many questions. All this happens because people want to understand themselves and know what this life is all about. There are times when you may have wondered why you were born and why you are living this life. However, after you have grown you are an adult, and you are busy looking for things such as money. There are areas in your life that make you look for money such as paying rent and creating a healthy life.

It comes a time when we stop thinking and asking ourselves those questions that help us understand the working of nature. We all experience bad and good times in life, and sometimes we are happy and working in our lives. There are times that we are satisfied with our partners and other times we are not and the circle continues. However, you need to ask yourself whether there is a way of achieving and improving your life every day. Ask yourself whether you are happy with the current situation of your life and whether you can accomplish these things in life.

After asking yourself those questions, it is good to understand that there is a way of achieving what you want in life. The Kabbalah is all about this understanding. There is an opportunity to change your destiny of your life, and you have that potential. Everyone can be able to make it in this life, and there is a high possibility of achieving in this life. All you need is to understand what it takes and follow it with your heart. The Kabbalah has all the teachings that will make someone achieve his fulfillment in life and live desirable lives. No matter who you are you can study the Kabbalah.

Lip product with a Difference- EOS Lip Balm

For an extended period buying a lip balm was a daunting task for many individuals. One had to visit several cosmetic, wholesale, and retail stores to get a lip balm which most of the times did not meet their requirements. If they wanted to change the taste of what they are applying on their lip, the only flavors available were cherry and mint flavors. Thanks to EOS who noticed the struggle women were facing and decided to establish the product to provide a broad range of lip products.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) was created some eight years ago with a primary purpose of offering the women a different taste and feeling of lip balm and flavors. The lip products entered the market with a boom, and within a short period, the lip balm was on stores shelves starting with Walgreens, Walmart to Target, check also The products were very much appreciated by celebrities in the United States, and some of them were spotted using the EOS products in public including Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera. The company was founded by Jonathan Teller, Graig Dubitsky, and Sanjiv Mehra who is the managing partner.  Head over to this useful site.

Evolution of Smooth has a variety of products on the shelves. Their lip products are well packed with antioxidant-rich with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and soothing shea butter. Better click on for additional info.  The lip balms also comes with a variety of flavors including

  • Smooth sphere Passionfruit
  • Smooth Sphere Raspberry
  • Smooth Sphere Coconut milk
  • Smooth Sphere Blueberry

The products are manufactured to moisturize the users’ lips, enhance their smiles as they give them a gorgeous feeling. The packages of the lip products are meant to last for a period of time, and they are very attractive. The Evolution of Smooth products are reliable and affordable to any woman in the world. The organization has made the products available in most of the stores in the nation and they do shipment to other countries.

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Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital Management

54-year-old, Jim Dondero spent his very first years in Hoboken, NJ. He got his accounting and finance degree from the University of Virginia opting to venture into real estate. The market, however, propelled him into the credit industry. He was already managing assets that were worth well over a billion for American Express, five years after graduation.



In 1993, James Dondero partnered with Mark Okada to form Highland Capital Management. After a few years, they moved their operation base to Dallas to minimize expenses and bought out their parent company. Currently, the company offers nonbank collateralized loan obligations. Jim Dondero’s greatest strength is his problem-solving techniques that allow him to analyze difficult debt deals and take advantage of emerging trends.



In 2000, Highland Capital Management opened its first alternative mutual fund. The company offers liquid and fairly inexpensive information to some of its best investments. The company employs over 50 investment professionals dedicated to researching and vetting viable ideas for the company to invest.



In 2012, the company took a chance on Australia spending a lot of resource and over two years to research about the economic cycle in the country. The company, then, heavily invested in 2014. Their efforts paid off in 2015 when the company was in economic recovery, and the prices of their investments shot up.



Around the same time, Highland Capital Management also invested in oil and gas companies that were not faring very well in the market due to the overdraft in 2015. Partnerships that owned such refineries were an easy buy at the time, though they still cost the company more than 15% of its funds. In 2016, the MLP index was back to 18.3% leading to a quadrupling of the positions held by Highland Capital Management.



The success of Highland Company can be attributed to two major things. The first is Jim Dondero’s business intuition and his inspiring leadership. The second is the strategic position the company has which makes it able to deal with investments that traditional investors avoid. The company is also passionate about giving back to the community as it currently supports nonprofit startups and a math technology to schools in Dallas.


Training Day and Remember the Titans are Two Denzel Washington Classics


One of the greatest actors of all time is Denzel Washington. He has acted in some of Hollwood’s most memorable and successful films. Two of his best films are Training Day and Remember the Titans. These two films cast him as two very different characters, but his performances in both steal the screen.


Training Day is one of the best Denzel Washington movies, and a film in which Washington’s character plays a streetwise detective in Los Angeles. His character is tasked with training rookie cop, Jake Hoyt, on the ways of the Los Angeles streets. He employs questionable methods in his police work and his sinister nature is revealed as the movie progresses. His character cannot outrun his past shady dealings as he loses his life as a result of past indiscretions. Washington gives a powerful performance in this film and is extremely believable in his portrayal.


Remember the Titans is another one of Denzel Washington’s greatest films. The movie is set in 1960’s Virginia. This was an extremely turbulent time in the country and the Southern United States. Washington’s character is the newly hired African-American football coach at a recently integrated high school. Through the team’s performances, the town slowly begins to heal from the wounds of racial tension. Washington’s character shows compassion and love to all people, regardless of race or religion.


Both of these films show Denzel Washington at his best, and they are some of the most important black movies of all time. His performances steal the screen and are powerful. These two films are by far his best of all time.

Greg Finch Perfecting His Area of Expertise

By definition, orthopedic surgery involves procedures done to fix muscle and skeleton conditions in a human body. The common ones include:

Total Joint replacement, which is done to patients who have been diagnosed with conditions such as severe arthritis and need to increase their range of motion or reduce the pain. However, if one needs to reduce the pain felt in a commonly used joint such as the shoulder, a total shoulder replacement is done. Both procedures involve assessment of the damaged parts of the joint and replacing them with a plastic or metal surface, which imitates the shape of the joint that work to reinstate the movement as well as the function of the joints.

Spine surgery is done to patients who have back pain that cripples their activities. One common procedure is spinal fusion in which spinal bones are joined together, therefore limiting the stretching of nerves and motion between bones. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction is another common procedure done to fix ruptured ligaments of the knee. The procedure involves complete removal of the torn ligament and making another using your tissues or from a donor. Once the process is done in the right way by a qualified surgeon, you can return to normal activities.

Mr. Greg Finch is a surgeon who has specialized in pediatrics, spinal surgery, trauma and orthopedic surgery. His expertise is in anterior spinal fusion, cervical spinal surgery, spinal fusion and lumbar spinal surgery. He is currently working at Rockhampton Public Hospital.

Greg Finch started his training in MBChB at the Auckland Medical School in 1991 and later advanced with FRACs at the Royal College Surgeons Melbourne in 2001. He has a great interest in minimally invasive spine surgery and cervical spine surgery such as disk replacement and adult deformity. Greg continues to help patients overcome various spine and bone joint problems.

How To Work With Construcap

A lot of businesses are beginning to expand into the Brazilian area because of the opportunities that await them. If you have been struggling with your own business in the past, it is a good idea for you to consider moving to Brazil because of all of the different opportunities that you can easily make use of yourself. One of the most important things for anyone looking into the real estate business in Brazil is to ensure themselves that they are working with a good quality construction company that can get all of the building work done for them in a timely fashion.


There are many different companies out there that offer construction options that you can easily utilize for your own benefit. One of the biggest companies out there in Brazil is known as Construcap and they have worked with a variety of different large businesses to ensure that you find it incredibly easy to get what you need each and every day. Construcap has worked with so many different businesses so that you can easily see that they are a great option for you as well and that they can easily get you what you need when it comes to making the most of this option.


Because of the fact that a lot of businesses are switching to Brazil and are finding this to be incredibly beneficial for themselves, it is important for you to consider this as well for your own company needs. There are many different people who are moving to Brazil with great success and are thrilled with the fact that this is something that can truly benefit them and their companies over the course of time. It is just important that you make sure that you get everything built by a professional company like Construcap so that you can feel totally confident in the fact that this is something that will benefit you and get you the infrastructure that you need to make it big as a company owner who simply wants to be able to offer their services to the public each day. contact them now.

Overcoming Frustrations in the Entertainment Industry in United States with Nine9

Every industry has its hustles and problems. Just like other industries in the United States, the entertainment industry is the toughest to find a breakthrough. Some models have spent a fortune trying to make it to the limelight, and some have succeeded. On the other hand, some have failed and remain frustrated. Over the past few years, things have changed for the better after the introduction of Nine9. The Nine9 is using its time and resources to help the less known models to find a breakthrough. In the few years that the firm has been in existence, it has helped many models land some remarkable roles which have served as a stepping stone for most of them. Nine9 is on a mission of representing the models and actors who don’t have an agency representing them. See Nine9 Photos .

To turn actors and models dream into reality, the company has a base of energized staff who use the latest technology to bring out the best from the models. Nine9 says that a major part of their growth is the respect and kindness found in their staff. Through the contacts that they have been able to acquire over the last 12 years, the institution can link its models to opportunities such as gigs, television roles, film roles, commercial roles and casting roles. Nine9 operates from many cities in the United States such as Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles and Houston. Nine9 Overviews.

Taylor J is a beneficiary of the Nine9 project. She says that Nine9 came at the right moment when she was looking to launch her acting and modeling career, and thanks to Nine9, things have gone as planned. Through her mother, Taylor acknowledges the professionalism and respect that Nine9 staffs have. Bobby Layne has also benefited from Nine9. He says that he was skeptical in the beginning, but after enrolling in the program, he started receiving casting calls from all over the US. He acknowledges the sincerity and dedication of their staff. Bobby ranks the institution as the best in the United States. Tara C is from Ohio, and she acknowledges the role that Nine9 has played in turning her dreams into reality. She says that their staff are very respectful. Click Here for Nine9 Resume . for more.