Leading The Way With Goettl

Air conditioning and heating is a wonderful luxury that we get to enjoy everyday. It keeps us warm in the cold winter months, and cool in the blazing hot summer. Who doesn’t like being comfortable when they get home from a long day at work? One company is spreading the good word with their long running and trusted business by merging with other businesses. The Phoenix, Arizona based air conditioning business is expanding their services and great customer service to help more communities in need of HVAC units.

They are called Goettl Air Conditioning and they have been around the block a lot longer than most businesses. Goettl is merging with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. They will be gaining 15 more trucks and 20 more employees. This merger is also good for the community because they will be able to expand their reach of the community and provide more services that they did not have before. For instance, plumbing will be included as a new service they offer.

Kenneth Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl, has been a positive member of the local community. He created J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment for veterans and students who want to attend HVAC classes but cannot afford them. This company provides them with scholarships so they can pursue their dreams. They also provide air conditioning and heating units to schools who very robbed and vandalized.

Goettl Air Conditioning all started in 1936 by Goettl brothers Adam, Bill, and John. They started their journey in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926, but got up and moved to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue new prospects.

In Phoenix they were about to just start their business during the Great Depression and succeed. They even received international interest due to their innovative ideas and smart air conditioning technology.


How Brad Reifler Is Determined To Help People Aspiring To Get Involved In The Investment Industry

Being an entrepreneur is one thing while being a successful entrepreneur is an entirely different concept. Every individual aspires to become successful in any venture they take regardless the career journey. Brad Reifler is one successful entrepreneur who has proven any person can become successful provided he/she is ready and willing to work hard.

Bloomberg revealed that Brad Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital Management a task he takes far-reaching. As the firm’s CEO, Brad is responsible for developing and establishing managers who help institutional investors and offer investment advice. According to the company’s board of directors, Brad Reifler is highly qualified for the CEO position considering he has a broad educational and experience background.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is known for his drive and spirit to go for what he wants and aspires. He was once a student of Bowdoin College where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Political. In many instances, people start looking for work after graduation to get employed, but this was not the case for Mr. Reifler.

Brad Reifler decided to found his first company after graduation instead of being employed by another individual. His company, Reifler Trading Corporation, majorly focused on global derivatives. His business became so successful that Refco decided to buy the company.

Afterward, Brad decided to found his second company, Pali Capital. Through this company, Brad Reifler made a name for himself as he became very successful.

He served as the firm’s CEO for more than ten years, and in those years the firm was able to gain offices in Australia, US, and the UK among other states. The company also made a lot of profit while being led by Brad something that proved that indeed he was a good leader. He later shifted his attention and joined Forefront Advisory where he serves as the firm’s CEO.

The company is known for specializing in aiding professional advice to the stock market and commodity traders. Both markets, commodity and stock market, are known for their volatile and notorious nature. This explains why Brad offers his professional experience to help people who aspire to get involved with the investment industry.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://about.me/bradreifler

EOS and How They Stole our Hearts!

Oh, EOS; the O.G. adorable lip balm! In this day and age, if you walk into a Forever 21 or even a Target or Walmart, you’ll see a large assortment of adorably shaped lip balms. However, EOS lip balm always seems to top them all! Why is this? The answer goes much farther than the mere fact that you can match them with any of your outfits or even your moods, and that the flavors are so unique and make our lips feel so soft and beautiful!

Yes, EOS lip balm has stolen our hearts with its pastel colors and spherical design, making it stand out over all others! However, there’s more to our obsession than we know! Going a little bit deeper than the mere design of our favorite lip balm, the fact that it feels more like an accessory rather than a “clinical” item makes it that much more appealing to consumers, as well as the wide range of funky flavors you get to choose from… such as “pomegranate” or “melon”.

Often, lip balm was often treated as something for both men and women, which is fine.. though, with women being the primary consumer group of this item, the overall design of the product was far too bland and created almost a chore out of buying lip balm. The creators of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) realized that this was a major flaw in the lip balm industry. Once the EOS lip balm company decided to do something about this, buying lip balm became a seriously enjoyable trip to the market!

EOS was set on ensuring their product wouldn’t end up being some “fad” that disintegrated over a short period of time – and oh, were they successful! EOS Is still the cutest balm on the market, and reels in tons of revenue for this company from happy customers all over the country! EOS is a hit with social media and has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook.

EOS has successfully stolen our hearts, and we are more than O.K. with it!




Andrea McWilliams Works to Better Her Community

Andrea McWilliams is a political fundraiser and lobbyist who has made a significant difference in her Texas community. She has spent time in the public and private sectors, and is known for her attention to detail. McWilliams’ skill and expertise have also been featured on Fox News, Newsweek, BBC, CNN, NPR and USA Today. Andrea is also a political commentator and has been featured in several Texas publications. She has even received the honor of being called a “consigliere to the powerful and political” by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Andrea McWilliams has receive the Profiles in Power award by the Austin Business Journal and the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist award by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. The Girl Scouts of Central Texas also presented McWilliams with the Woman of Distinction award, and Austin Fashion Week honored her with the Style Setter award for her work with nonprofit organizations.

McWilliams earned her first Chief of Staff position at 21, and continued to perfect her fundraising skills at Public Strategies, Inc., a renowned PPR firm. She is currently the cofounder of McWilliams, a full service firm for governmental affairs consultants. She runs the firm with her husband Dean, and the couple use their extensive talent and experience to assist local, state and national politicians.

Andrea McWilliams is a native Texan and was raised just minutes from the Texas Capitol on Congress Avenue. She now lives in Old Enfield, where she and her husband reside in a historic home with their three children.


Entrepreneur and Sleep Expert, Avi Weisfogel, Sits Down with IdeaMensch

The publication IdeaMensch has had the opportunity to sit down and interview many entrepreneurs and leaders of industry since first coming to publication. The ability to be able to pin down these often hard to reach and extremely busy people is for the betterment of all readers as the insight gained from these honest and frank conversations applies to every career path regardless of industry.


IdeamMensch latest interview with sleep expert and dental practitioner of 15 years, Avi Weisfogel, proves to be in the same spirit as all of IdeaMensch special guests posts.


Avi Weisfogel who spent the early part of his career building a dentistry practice made the full-time switch to entrepreneur to chase his dream of understanding sleep apnea and how to best correct it from the point of view of a dentist.


Speaking candidly and honestly with the investigative reporters, Avi offered an assessment of his failures and lessons learned along his path to where he is now.


Of the lessons he learned during his time as both a dentist and a business owner, Avi spoke of the ability to handle criticism while remaining humble as being paramount to success within any industry. When asked about what he learned from his biggest disappointment in business, Avi reflected on his endeavor with his sleep lab business, lamenting over going “all-in” without considering what the market actually needed. Though from those disappointments Avi gleaned lessons that he regularly applies to his life now.


The dentist turned business owner turned entrepreneur expounded upon the necessity to schedule your day and maintain that schedule. In fact, Avi felt he could not underscore the need to maintain a balanced work life using scheduling enough.


The entire article offered a rare glimpse into the world of an entrepreneur and gave all those that would like to follow in a similar path a valuable look into things not readily learned in school or from a book. Mainly that of the life lessons only learned through experience and failed attempts.


If you would like to read the article in its entirety please visit their blog at IdeaMensch.com



Thor Halvorssen Brings New People Into The Human Rights Activism Community

Thor Halvorssen has made a big impact on the human rights activism community during his time as one of the world’s leading activists with his own Human Rights Foundation. One of the main aspects of the work of Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation is the need to bring as many people into the activism community as possible through the many events the group has been working on lover the course of its short, but esteemed history; Halvorssen has remained a key figure in many different areas of the human rights community as his profile has grown with the number of events and campaigns created by the Human Rights Foundation.

Find Thor on his social media site:https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/

Perhaps the most famous area the Human Rights Foundation has established is the Oslo Freedom Forum where some of the most influential and important figures in the human rights arena have spoken. Not only does the Oslo Freedom Forum bring together hundreds of important members of the activism community, but also allows millions of people with Internet access to seek out the talks and speeches given by former political prisoners and refugees about the reasons for their escape and how their lives have changed over the years.

Uploading as many speeches and talks as possible to the Internet from the Oslo Freedom Forum has been a major part of the growing trend for people of all ages to become more politically active, but other events have also sought to include new members to the activism world. The Hack North Korea event held in 2014 looked to bring technology experts together with activists and North Korean defectors to find new ways of using the latest technology to get information in and out of the communist nation. Another innovation from the Human Rights Foundation has been the College Freedom Forum that takes the format of the Oslo Freedom Forum to major U.S. educational institutions including Yale and Tufts University.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Love Of Game Shows In Coaching And Recruiting Skills

Basketball is a difficult game. It requires aerobic endurance and anaerobic stamina. You need powerful muscles as well as blinding speed. On top of all these athletic skills, you need to develop a soft touch that you can utilize while you are at full throttle. Yanni Hufnagel never quite developed the skills, but he has developed basketball skills that are arguably much more difficult. He has mastered the game’s strategy.


Yanni Hufnagel served as an assistant coach for the Harvard Crimson Tide for four years. The teams 79-24 record speaks for itself. The school also won his first Ivy League championship ever. This has a lot to do with Yanni Hufnagel’s recruiting skills. As assistant coach, his prime responsibility was recruiting and he was able to do so despite some serious obstacles.


The best physical basketball players in the country are looking for high exposure and a free ride. Harvard does not offer either of these things. Harvard does not award athletic scholarships and the school does not lower its academic standards for basketball players. Despite these obstacles, Yanni Hufnagel was named CBS Sport’s most likely assistant basketball coach to make it big because of recruiting skills.


Yanni Hufnagel was cut from his high school varsity basketball team. This forced him to become the high school basketball team’s announcer. Watching the game from the sidelines illuminated a love for the game that he knew was always there. After all, he grew up playing with basketball figurines as a child. So, he was determined to become the best coach he could be.


He graduated from Cornell, interned with the New Jersey Nets and started his career coaching in Oklahoma. After his successful years at Harvard, he has recruited and coach for Vanderbilt, the University of California at Berkeley, and he now serves as assistant coach at the University of Nevada at Reno.




Eric Pulier Innovative Implementation Of Technology

Eric Pulier is a vibrant technology guru, published author, columnist, public speaker, and a philanthropist. Pulier hails from a humble background in Teaneck, New Jersey. His love for technology was evident as he developed a database computer company when in the 4th grade. Pulier went on to graduate with a degree in American Literature and English from Havard University. While at Harvard, Pulier was a contributor and editor of the school’s Newspaper, Harvard Crimson.




Pulier has pioneered various technology-based ventures and startups for more than twenty years. In 1998, he co-founded Desktone and Interactive video Technology (IVT). He is also the co-founder and chairman of US Interactive Inc. Pulier also serves as the executive chairman at SOA Software Inc. He is also the director and co-founder of Service Mesh Inc., Rich Media Presentation, among many other companies.


Pulier is known for the innovative SOA software program known as AKANA. Pulier developed the SOA program to offer extensive SOA solutions. He later sold the company at a good profit. He is also the founder of Xprize Foundation, where both teens and adults are rewarded for pushing their limits and achieving extraordinary goals.


In 1997, Pulier was chosen to build an innovative technology-based exhibition at the presidential inauguration. The technology dubbed “bridge to the 21st century” was attended by thousands of people and viewed by millions across the globe. The exhibition illustrated how technology could be implemented and add benefit in areas such as healthcare, education, entertainment, government, and family.


During the event, Pulier managed to showcase a real-time interaction with astronauts from a space shuttle. Following the success of the event, Pulier worked closely with the vice president concerning technological issues, healthcare issues, and Family Reunion Conference.




Eric Pulier is well known for his charitable works across various parts of the community. He cooperated closely with former President Bill Clinton to provide affordable solutions for cloud computing in the inner cities. Pulier also pioneered low-cost multimedia platforms to be used at home. His most exciting program was for educating patients with sclerosis about their condition. Perhaps, the most notable of Pulier charity causes is the ‘Painted Turtle.’ The foundation is committed to providing memorable camping experiences to children suffering from chronic illness.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Responsibilities As A Top Executive Recruitment Lead

Julie Zuckerberg is a well-known talent acquisition expert and a successful executive recruitment lead. Presently, she works for Deutsche Bank. In this firm, Julie works closely with the executives in the commercial business and private wealth fields. She also collaborates with leaders in global technology, asset management, and operations to enhance the regional talent acquisition policies and advance the recruitment process. Moreover, Julie Zuckerberg heads the negotiation team and oversees the development of managerial level offers that comprises of material risk takers and key function stakeholders. She also advises the leadership and the executive committee on matters of recruiting governance and the best hiring practices. These standards play a crucial role of improving the effectiveness of the organization. In addition, through a proper human resource function, the entity is able to attract premier and diverse talent. Previously, she worked for Deutsche Bank as the vice president, executive recruiter, and talent acquisition lead. She held these positions from April 2014 to November 2015. Julie partnered with hiring managers and business partners to manage the entire hiring cycle for director and managing director. Together they provided innovative solutions in the US finance, compliance, investor relations, risk, audit, in-house consulting, legal, global technology, regional management, and its operations. She would brainstorm with hiring executives to derive the most appropriate sourcing, which comprised of direct sourcing, internal mobility, and networking methods. Julie also controlled contract governance and business relationships with independent search firms and other organizations to ensure timely and comprehensive sourcing of premier candidates. This information was originally mentioned on War on Democracy.

Previously, Julie served at Citi as the executive recruiter and vice president of NA professional & executive recruitment. She worked for Citi between October 2007 and November 2013. During this period, she worked for both Citi Global Functions and Citi Global Consumer Bank. She advised on the entire life cycle hiring strategy for director and managing director positions for Citi Cards in addition to Citi Global Consumer Marketing. She also advised entrepreneurs on compensation trends, recruitment strategies, how to attract and retain talent, and competitive markets. Julie headed the development and negotiations of complex job offers, which had claw backs, equity buyouts, immigration, and deferred awards. For five years, Julie Zuckerberg worked for Hudson starting in November 2002. She was the company’s director in charge of candidate placement. She hired attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and support staff. Julie recruited them on a permanent and temporary basis. Additionally, Julie informed her clients on promotions, working conditions, as well as benefit opportunities. She acted as a link between employees and clients. In addition, she was responsible for ensuring that Hudson complied with all legal requirements, including tax. When Julie is not working, she engages in other activities, including running, technology, photography, food, and art. Presently, she lives in Manhattan. In addition, Julie is highly involved in matters pertaining to human rights, animal welfare, science, technology, economic issues and civil rights. She is active on the social media platforms. Once can reach her on her twitter page, which is @juliezuckerberg. Moreover, she has a Pinterest profile that has her name.



Racquetball with Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a rising star in the world of amateur men’s singles racquetball. He has been playing competitively since high school. As a regular at The Racquet Club in Portland, Oregon, Howitt is always improving his game. He also has an active presence on Twitter, where his distinctive style and sense of humor helps him to stay connected with the public. The son of Meriwether Group CEO Dennis Howitt, everyone agrees that Sawyer has a lot of potential, and a bright future ahead of him.

See: https://issuu.com/jewishlifemagazine/docs/ojl_march_2015_lr