Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that is committed to teaching people spiritual principles that can improve their lives and change the way they see the world. Kabbalah Centre has been associated with Judaism, but the Kabbalah Centre emphasizes that people do not have to have a previous knowledge of Jewish and Hebrew writings in order to understand Kabbalah. The Centre also maintains the Kabbalah is to be seen as a supplement to religion, and that people of all spiritual backgrounds are welcomed to learn Kabbalah since the teachings are similar to the major world religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches the five principles of Kabbalah, which are:

Sharing: This is the notion that in order to receive true fulfillment in life, sharing is a necessity. Kabbalah teaches that selfishness keeps us from our true purpose and reduces our chances of being able to impact people in a positive way.

Ego Balance: Kabbalah teaches that the ego is the part of human nature that encourages addiction and unhealthy behavior. The ego also prompts humans to be negative, angry irresponsible and closed off to ideas and concepts. Learning to balance the ego is integral to one’s overall well-being.

Spiritual Balance: There are spiritual laws that are in place in the universe and can not be changed. The law of cause and effect is emphasized in Kabbalah, and those who subscribe to the teachings are encouraged to remember that the type of energy one puts into the universe is the same energy that will be returned.

Unity: Every human being has the essence of God in him/her according to Kabbalah. The teachings also indicate that all humans are divinely connected.


Kabbalah teaches that humans realize their true selves when they step outside of their comfort zones and open their lives up to receive miracles.

For additional information on the tenets of Kabbalah, visit www.kabbalah.com.

An Overview of Investment Banking

In the field of finance, investment banking is among the most significant in terms of shaping the overall economy. With investment banking, a number of companies can more easily increase their amount of capital as well as issue a more valuable stock. The main department that facilitates investment banking deals is corporate finance. In this department, a number of professionals work together to help complete mergers and acquisitions. The first type of professional in corporate finance is an analyst who makes calculations of stock values as well as putting together information for proposals. There are associates who manage analysts and help draft proposals for clients. Vice presidents meet with clients in person to submit proposals and finalize deals.

They specialize in venture capital, wealth management and advisory. As a result, boutique investment banking firms serve the needs of common individuals and small businesses rather than major corporations. With these firms, a number of individuals can get the guidance they need in order to plan their retirement and get better investment returns. These firms can also provide small companies with start up capital in order to begin operating their new business.

One individual who owns a boutique investment banking firm is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder of his own firm based in Florida. One of the main types of clients Martin works with is individuals. He helps them plan their retirement as well as give them advice on how to best manage their capital. With his guidance, a number of clients have seen great investment returns that provided them with financial stability. Martin’s work ethic and effort are two of the key things that he uses to get great results for his individual clients.

Along with helping individuals, Martin also works with small companies. He often provides them with referrals to source of capital which allows them to finance their operations. On a regular basis, Martin contacts venture capital firms to provide funds to his business clients. As a result, these businesses get the money they need to start up and expand. Martin helps businesses by providing them with advice on how to best manage and invest their capital as well.

Leader and Activist

Thor Halvorssen has dedicated much of his life to lobbying for the rights of those without power. He has stood up to several establishments including the governments of Uganda and China. Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in an effort to build a strong team against tyranny. He has traveled the world to speak on behalf of political prisoners. China’s usage of slave labor tactics have also been a major focus of Halvorssen’s civil rights agenda.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a legacy of fearless leaders. His father worked for the Venezuelan government has an anti-drug enforcement agent. He was arrested on an erroneous charge of terrorism while investigating the local cartel. Halvorssen’s father spent nearly three months in prison. He was beaten and tortured, but later found innocent of all charges. Thor Halvorssen’s mother was gunned down by government officers while engaging in a peaceful protest. Several other people were injured.

Halvorssen went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to the Human Rights Foundation he also founded the Olson Freedom Forum. The Olsen Freedom Forum is a human rights festival. He also founded the Motion Picture Institute and the bought the Norwegian magazine known as Ny Tid.

Halvorssen was a special guest to Liu Xiaobo at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in 2010. Liu Xiaobo had been a political prisoner in China. Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation lobbied for his release.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Serves the Women of Austin Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin, Texas. She graduated salutatorian of her class at the Galveston, University of Texas Medical Branch. She went on to complete her fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During her stay in New York, she built a successful medical practice. However, in 2011 Walden decided that she wanted to return home to Texas, to be near her family.

Jennifer’s medical practice focuses on cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation, plastic surgery of the nose, eyelids, and also face-lifts. She also offers liposuction treatments for the abdomen, thighs, and arms. She provides Botox treatments and soft-tissue fillers. Costs for the treatments typically run from $7000 to $10,000. She realizes that she is not the norm in the industry.

Most women do not go into plastic surgery. She feels she has a bit of an advantage because 91 percent of those seeking plastic surgery are women. Most of the women appreciate a woman’s point of view for fixing sagging parts and just feeling better about one’s body. Many women have experienced changes in their bodies from childbirth. Jennifer Walden understands this. She gave birth to twin boys herself. She admits that she has had Botox treatments herself.

Walden moved back to Texas after her sons were born, over 17 months ago.. She wanted them to know their extended family more. She became a plastic surgeon because she truly wanted to help women look their best, and regain their confidence in themselves. Jennifer is pleased with the opportunity she provides to the women of Austin. That is why she became a doctor.


Jennifer was listed as named as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in 2014. She has done features as an expert on plastic surgery for ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E! Dr. 90210 and others. She serves on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well. She recently co-authored a textbook, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Brown Model Agency Takes Over the Texas Fashion Scene

Brown Model Agency is an Austin, Texas modeling agency that has really started drawing attention in the fashion world. The agency’s Wilhelmina Austin Launch Party made an appearance in a Fashionably 8 News program in Austin. The show appeared in April of 2015. It was celebrating the five years the modeling agency had been around in the Austin, Texas area.

Wilhelmina Brown Model Agency models were shown walking the runway wearing Texas fashion designer Linda Asaf’s latest collection. Her collection is titled Summer Frost. She says there is a mixture of summery hues and prints with bits of silver “Frost”. Linda Asaf says her favorites piece was the finale. The finale was a beautiful long evening gown that was made from silvery grey fabric. Linda Asaf said that she predicted a short while ago that the Texas fashion scene was going to really start kicking off. She feels that this Wilhelmina Austin Launch Party is proof that the sky is the limit in the Texas fashion world now.

This growth of fashion designers and fashion world focus in Texas has largely to do with the success of the Brown Modeling Agency. The Brown Modeling Agency has brought forth a number of the best model and theatrical talent in the Texas area. This gives fashion designers enough models to work with. It creates the ability for fashion shows to be realized and not just proposed.

The Brown Model Agency accepts applications via the email provided on their website’s contact information listing. They select the best talent in acting and in modeling. The competitive modeling agency is careful with their selections. They want to offer their clients experienced models who fit certain runway or commercial modeling requirements. The agency wants talented actors and actresses to apply for representation with them. They have landed a few actors spots in popular television shows and other acting work from the number of clients that uses their agency to find the right person for their acting jobs.

The sky is the limit for the fashion world of Texas, thanks to the dedication of the Brown Modeling Agency and of the committed fashion designers in the area. To see one of the next Wilhelmina Brown parties or runway shows, check out the modeling agencies website or their social media pages to see if they have any upcoming events listed.

The Holiday Season is the Betting Season at Covers.com

The Super Bowl odds are tightening as the long, NFL season enters its tough, stretch run. Some NFL teams play like they want to stay home for the Holidays while some teams begin to pick up steam for a post season run. Which NFL team is gaining steam? Is it the Dallas Cowboys’ year? Will Tony Romo return? Are the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rogers falling out of playoff contention before December comes? Are Daniel Snyder’s Washington Redskins at long last for real? Will Tom Brady plow his way through the playoffs and take the New England Patriots back to the Super Bowl once again? Are the Denver Broncos done or will their defense rip them through the playoffs once again? Come to Covers.com and check out each team’s Super Bowl odds.
The NFL odds are up daily at Covers.com. Late November and December are the times when NFL teams unravel and coaches begin to fear they may be fired for the New Year. It is also the time for the informed handicapper to check out the NFL Super Bowl odds at Covers.com. Underdog NFL teams, like the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens of recent years, often go on playoff winning streaks which can pay big bucks for the knowledgeable, or lucky, handicapper that can foresee Joe Flacco getting hot and rolling to a Super Bowl ring.
Everyone needs a little extra Holiday cash to stash away so why not come play at Covers.com? Perhaps a favorite team, the resurgent Miami Dolphins or the always dangerous Pittsburgh Steelers, will get on a roll that carries their fans to some Holiday dough. Covers.com will give the happy, Holiday season handicapper the latest NFL odds as well as the Super Bowl odds. NFL odds change constantly and easy, instant access is the only way to play and to stay on top of the latest lines. Covers.com has the handicapper covered for the Holidays. Add some extra Holiday cheer to the bankroll by coming to Covers.com.

Christmas And Securus Technologies

When Securus Technologies create something to use in correction facilities, one can only bet that it works, and that it was necessary. This is the case with the video visitations that they made for use in the jails. The incarcerated people also need to reach out, and feel loved at the holiday. The video visitations make it possible for them to see and hear from their loved ones at holiday time. They can take part in the festivities, even though they can’t be there, and it makes them feel content and cheerful during the holidays.

In an effort to teach the public that this is a good thing, Securus Technologies is going to run commercials about the video visitations all through the month of December. They want the public to know how much this is a benefit to all people. It saves the jail owner money, as well as the incarcerated person’s loved one, because they don’t have to spend money on gas and parking.

Securus Technologies is the leader in their industry, and they will continue to develop new, and improved technology in order to make the world a safer place for everyone. They work with the government on a regular basis, by using videos, incident reports and investigations. They deal with over a million inmates every year on a regular basis. Their workers are steadfast and dedicated to their mission. They complete their duties to the highest standards at all times.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Reverse Showroom Tactics

The company Fabletics has been in business for three years. It is owned by a woman named Kate Hudson, and she is doing extremely well with it. In just the three years, the company has brought in $250,000,000. That is an amazing amount for just being around for three years. This is due to Kate Hudson’s strategies and techniques, and this shows that she knows what she is doing.

Why Is Fabletics Such A Huge Success, In Such A Short Timeframe?

Fabletics was Kate Hudson’s dream, and she did a lot of research on what she wanted her line of workout wear to be like, as well as how she wanted to run it. While she though of her store, she liked the idea of online marketing, using the technology to benefit her sales. She looked at Apple and Warby Parker that were using reverse showroom ideas to benefit their businesses. She took to the idea, and is using the reverse showroom model as her own now. While she still likes the idea of a physical store, the online platform offers her quite a bit of leeway, and she wants to get all the customers on board that she can. She already has a huge following. Her subscribers keep adding up, in the millions, and they are true to her. They love her clothing, and they can’t wait to see what else she decides to put out.

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Is The Reverse Showroom Model Working For Kate Hudson’s Fabletics?

Yes, it absolutely is working for her. The reverse showroom model allows her to concentrate on the culture of the women in a particular area. By the time that she opens a store in that area, she already knows what they want. She gathers this information online, and uses it to sell in both the physical stores, and online. In the next year, she plans to open at least three more physical stores of Fabletics. This will be added to the ones that she has already opened in Florida, California and Hawaii, as well as other areas. When customers come into her store, they are usually already members; and if they are not, they become one because Kate Hudson has a huge following.

Fabletics is nothing different than her other successes in the past. With her creations, her care for the customer, creating new clothing and her diligence, she is a true retailer whether she uses the physical store or online techniques. She is giving Amazon a run for their money, though they have been around a lot longer than her. It looks like she will continue to develop more of a customer base that is as loyal to her as she is to them, and that is the trick to her success.

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