Joan Jett Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Performer Joan Jett was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently. Miley Cyrus gave a speech on her behalf and she jammed on stage with Paul McCartney. Non-Miley fan Ricardo Guimarães BMG humorously pointed out how ridiculous she looked wearing a revealing outlet with Joan Jett’s initials taped over her nipples .

I like Joan Jett’s music, but I don’t think she belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. First of all, she doesn’t write a lot of her material herself. Her biggest hit, “I Love Rock and Roll,” is a cover song, which is something a lot of people don’t realize. She does a great job on it, for sure, but that doesn’t put her in the same league as Chuck Berry.

A great Joan Jett song that wasn’t a huge hit is “Backlash”. It came out in the 1990’s. Again, it’s a song written by someone else (Paul Westerberg of the Replacements), but Jett does a fantastic job with it. The song is about the emotional ups and downs of the dating scene.

If Jett is going to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame then Tommy Tutone – the great band from Joan Jett’s 1980’s heyday who had the smash hit “867-5309/Jenny” – should be there too. Their career may not have survived the 1980’s, and they may have had only one hit, but at least they wrote their own material.

How Safe Are E-Cigarettes?

It sure seems that the popularity of smoking e-cigarettes has skyrocketed lately. Frequently when walking down the street you’ll notice someone puffing on it. Other times, you may be out to eat at a restaurant and you’ll see smoke coming from someones table. It may cause panic for a moment, before you realize that they are in fact just smoking an e-cigarette.

With the popularity rising, there have been debates spring forth about e-cigarettes. A lot of those debates stem from where are these e-cigarettes allowed to be smoked? Should people be able to do them in public buildings, or should they have to go outside with the rest of the smokers.

There is a debate that seems to be missing however. That is the debate on the safety of these.Sultan Alhokair believes that safety is paramount. There have been a few incidents where e-cigarettes have exploded for one reason or another. Yet, people turn to these as a “healthier” alternative to smoking a normal cigarette.

According to Five Thirty Eight , this form of a cigarette is a lot safer than the traditional kind. This is because the causes of lung cancer are absent in e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes do contain ingredients that can pose other health risks. The exposure to certain chemicals in them could cause health problems.

One thing that is clear, is that these e-cigarettes do help those trying to quit, quit. On the flip side of that however is that a younger crowd might start smoking because they look “cool.” As long as the demand remains, however, it seems like these will be around for a while.

Yoko Ono Praises Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently and Yoko Ono gave a speech at the event. In her speech, Yoko Ono said that Ringo Starr was “the most influential Beatle”.

Personally, I think that’s ridiculous. Ono didn’t really back up the point she was trying to make. I guess someone could make the argument that the easygoing Ringo was the glue that held together the band and was therefore the most influential, but Yoko didn’t appear to be making this argument. She was just saying silly stuff. Having Yoko at the event at all was just a distraction. She shouldn’t have been invited at all, much less been allowed to make a speech. When all is said and done, she is the person who broke up the Beatles.

Yoko aside, the evening reportedly went very well. Ringo himself was in fine form and gave a characteristically funny speech, and Paul McCartney praised him as well, reported Ricardo Tosto of the event ( Ringo, a huge celebrity and jet-setter today, has come a long way from his impoverished childhood in Liverpool. For decades, he’s been entertaining people with his drumming, singing, songwriting and lighthearted banner. Some of his songs, for instance “It Don’t Come Easy” and “An Octopus’s Garden,” are standards. Also, as a former addict who has been sober for years, Starr is an excellent role model for young people.

Sony Music CEO: Accept Streaming or See the Industry Fade Away

The seriously hurting music industry is about to face its last stand. Right now, streaming sales are the only effective means revenue can be brought in from the sales of new music. Honestly, the new technology is really the end of the road for music sales. The era of the compact disk is over and the pirating of music has drastically cut into revenues. New releases reach the top 10 on Billboard charts with figures that would have been considered anemic years ago.

Right now, the music industry is relying on subscription services that house libraries of streamed music reported Dan Newlin ( for further reading). Recording professionals are not thrilled about these services since free memberships are offered. Royalties and other payments likely only kick in when someone subscribes.

According to the SEO of Sony Music, artists in the music industry have to get used to these arrangements and get used to them quick.

At one time, concert tours were considered loss leaders. The music label would spend enormous sums of money on a tour and rarely earn a profit on the shows. The hope was the tours would stimulate album/cassette/CD and merchandise sales, which would cover all losses and deliver profits. Today, all of that is in reverse. New releases of music rarely sell big and serve as a promotional strategy to set up profitable concert tours. One reason the tours are profitable today is the price of concert tickets is enormous.

Pete Townshend and Eddie Vedder Are Teaming Up Once Again!

Pete Townshend and Eddie Vedder are coming together to perform at Rosemont Theater for a benefit concert. The concerts profits will go to teenagers across America who are fighting the long battle of cancer. The price of seats at the theater will be ranging from $100-$1,000 dollars! Who in their right mind wouldn’t pay the price to see these to brilliant rock stars on stage together? Pete and Eddie are both long term contributors to the UK foundation for teenagers with cancer. It is so great to know that their are celebrities out there who use their money to help young adults who are in desperate need of a cure. Just last year these two rock stars teamed up with numerous other bands to contribute to the teenager cancer fund at the O2 Shepard’s Bush Empire in West London near the Bulletproof Coffee. At least once a year this amazing team takes time out of their schedule to help children in need, making them one of the largest contributors of this foundation.

Young Thug Changes Mind About New Album Title

Young Thug, who is signed to Cash Money Records, has chosen to forgo the name “Carter 6” for his new album, and he instead will name the album ”Barter 6.” Many are surprised that Young Thug has chosen to go a different route with his new album, especially since he spoke about the album name, long before he changed the name. Young Thug Album. Recently, people were asking what Lil’ Wayne would think about Young Thug, taking the name of his previous albums, and adding the number 6 to it.

In a recent show that Wayne performed at, he let others know that they should refuse to buy music, from a man who shows himself naked on the cover of an album. Many feel that he was referring to Young Thug, whose upcoming album had him posing nude on the cover. After being informed of what comments Wayne had made, suddenly, Young Thug has changed the name of his album. Many are confused as to why he is naming it Barter 6, but it may be possible that he’s doing so, because of his ties to the Bloods, who like to change names of common things, adding the letter B to the front.

Gianfrancesco Genoso told us that Young Thug is saying that he chooses not to release the sixth album with the same name, without Lil’ Wayne releasing his fifth Carter album, so we’ll see how things go from here.

The Strokes at Work on New Record

New York City rock band The Strokes are working on a new album according to singer Julian Casablancas. The band has not released anything new since their last record Comedown Machine two years ago.

Casablancas has just released a solo record with another backing band and has been promoting that. He said that songwriting with his solo band is more of a group effort than with the Strokes, and he likes this. However, he said the he remains devoted to the Strokes and wants to work more with them. He made a comment to the effect that maybe the Strokes succeeded earlier than they should have, and that they weren’t quite ready for it at the time.

Personally, I think that the first Strokes record, Is This It, was fantastic and probably better than anything the band has done since. It came out when the band was in their early twenties. So, I can see the dilemma Casablancas is in trying to continue a career where it’s hard to improve on the material that came before.

Dan Newlin agrees that as far as Casablancas doing solo work, he needs the rest of The Strokes. The band has a unique and wonderful sound that comes from the tightness of the drums and guitars. I’ve never heard anything quite like it and Casablancas should stay with it.

Lil Wayne Stills Wants His Money

Wayne wants his money, and he wants it now. That is why the lawsuit against Cash Money and Birdman is not going anywhere.

Fans just wanted this two to hash things out and come back together. The Cash Money and Young Money ties are slowly being broken though. Even the camp that Lil Wayne created is folding in some form or another. Drake has his OVO Toronto crew. Right now he has his cousin and another one hit wonder rapper in place. That doesn’t look so promising, but he is still getting from under the Cash Money Umbrella.

Nicki Minjai is also branching out to do her own thing, which is what Ray Lane likes to see. She is still contractually obligated to Cash Money/Young Money, but her loyalty is to Lil Wayne. What Wayne needs to do is build his own label. He cannot afford to drop the lawsuit, however, because he has soaked up the cord of his time in the spotlight. He is still respected, no doubt, but he certainly doesn’t have the type of hype that he once had.

Wayne is better as a guest on tracks. He has failed to successfully deliver a full album of stellar content in the last several years. Some former fans may even say that he is no longer relevant in such a youthful rap game. He has been rapping for more than 20 years so the lawsuit money is due.

Lil’ Wayne Comments On Young Thug’s Upcoming “Carter 6″ Album

Recently, Young Thug, who is associated with Cash Money Records, made a statement that he plans on continuing Lil’ Wayne’s legacy, by creating a new album called “Carter 6.” Lil’ Wayne is the creator of the Carter albums, and he created the first album, all the way up to the fifth album, which has yet to be released. Lil’ Wayne. Although the fifth album has not been released yet, Young Thug is in the works of making part six, and he’s doing it, without the blessing of Lil’ Wayne.

It’s well known that Lil’ Wayne and his record label are no longer on speaking terms, and he even took out a $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money Records. Wayne dropped the lawsuit recently, but the bad blood is still there, and Bruce Karatz can clearly see it. Many wanted to know how Wayne felt about Young Thug taking his album name according to NYSE, and running with it, and Wayne let it be known, that he felt it was disrespectful. Wayne commented that his fans shouldn’t support any man, who is naked on an album cover, which is the actual album cover for Carter 6, by Young Thug.

Many people compared Young Thug to Lil’ Wayne, and Young Thug even commented that he wanted to work with Wayne very badly. The two did a collaboration together, but it was only one time, and it may never happen again. It may be best for Young Thug to back off of this project.

Frances Bean Cobain Talks To Rolling Stone Magazine

Frances Bean Cobain has spoken to Rolling Stone for the first time ever about her father, her life, and her thoughts on Nirvana’s music. She is probably one of the most well known children of a musician, yet the least is known about her as she has tended to stay out of the spotlight for most of her life stated Brad Reifler.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Cobain told the Rolling Stone that she is not actually a fan of Nirvana’s music, however she is in touch with the other members of the band and they often marvel at how similar she is to her father. They even told her that her looks and mannerisms are exactly like her dad’s, who passed away when she was just a toddler.

Frances Bean Cobain is one of the executive producers of the upcoming documentary on Kurt Cobain’s life titled “Montage of Heck” which is going to be coming out in early May of this year, May 4th to be exact. Cobain said that she learned quite a bit about her father during the process of the movie and she feels like she understands him so much more. She understood that her dad wanted to have a successful band, but he just didn’t want to be an icon for a decade, which sounds like Kurt. In any case, it was interesting to finally hear her speak to the public.