Chicago’s 9% Netflix Tax

Internet businesses such as Spotify and Netflix are some of the most innovative and successful companies today – services people enjoy without the hassle of taxes. That’s about to an end for customers in Chicago starting September 1st, the day the city intends to implement its amusement and cloud taxes. What is the cause of these new taxes? Beyond the worldwide effort to find a way to tax the countless services provided on the Internet, Chicago is seeking a new source of revenue. The city may well have found some financial relief considering the new tax will bring in an estimated $12 million a year.

The question that Chicagoans are likely asking is what exactly are amusement and cloud taxes. Simply put, according to MarketWatch, a cloud tax covers cloud services, cloud computing, hosted environments and etcetera. As for the amusement tax, it covers fees paid for services that permit customers to view, witness or participate in amusement – whether in person or on the Internet. In short, Chicago’s amusement tax will charge people for enjoying the benefits of their hard earned money.

The truth of the matter is, as troubling as these new Chicago taxes are, the effort to tax services such as Netflix and Hulu is ongoing stated Eric Pulier. That being said, it isn’t likely the city’s tax efforts will go unchallenged – at least, not for long.

Apple Locks in to Music Streaming

The money is in music streaming. This is undeniable. Apple is planning to charge $10 a month, and the company is set to take over the music streaming industry. That is why there is so much excitement in the air for this company.

Lots of people are fans of this type of music streaming because it relieves the problem that people have had for years. Storage space. Now that music is digital there is too much for people to collect. It becomes rather difficult for anyone to store all of their home videos, movies, music, software and e-Books on a single computer. Web streaming is the solution that totally eliminates the issue of hard drive storage. That is why there is so much talk about it.

According to Amen Clinics, a person that has access to streaming can hear anything that they want at any time. This is ideal for those that have always wondered what it would be like to have music – any music – at their disposal. Apple is rounding up some of the best players in the industry to help with the all-around music experience. Dr. Dre is on board. Drake is in place. The company has money to burn so it will be easy to transition into this. Even Taylor Swift – after sending a scathing open letter to Apple – is on board. This makes Apple a big contender in web streaming.

Jewel Appears on Josh Wolf Show

Singer-songwriter Jewel appeared on the Josh Wolf Show recently. As part of her appearance, Jewel and Wolf did a cover version of the Backstreet Boys 1999 smash hit “I Want it That Way”.

The performance was, in part, a parody of the original airport-themed video for the song says Brian Torchin. Jewel and Wolf were both dressed entirely in white just as the Backstreet Boys were in the original. They also mimicked the Backstreet Boys’ dance moves. However, it was clear from her performance that Jewel genuinely likes this song and wasn’t able to entirely make fun of it. Jewel is a good singer and dancer, and her performance of this song was quite enjoyable. In my opinion, she could easily make money as an artist doing only cover songs.

Seeing this performance made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve heard any of her music anywhere or seen one of her videos on television. She was poised to be a megastar in the late 1990s, but her career seems to have fizzled out. She was successful at a very young age, and perhaps she deliberately decided to lower her profile since the pressures of fame were too much. Or, maybe she just released a bunch of music that people weren’t really trying to hear. Either way, this performance with Josh Wolf probably made a lot of people wonder what she’s been up to.

Tyga Unexpectedly Releases A New Album On Spotify

Even though Tyga is mostly in the news because he is dating a 17 year old Kylie Jenner, he is still creating music, and many are surprised at what he did on June 23, 2015. Tyga released a new album on Spotify out of nowhere, and there was no warning about the upcoming release of the album. Tyga Releases New Album. The album is called “Gold Album: The 18th Dynasty,” and it’s something that he wanted to do for a while now. Although Tyga has made some recent music with Chris Brown, he has been trying to put out an album through Cash Money Records for a while now.

Cash Money Records is supposedly holding his album hostage, and Tyga was complaining about the record label. Lil’ Wayne is another label mate on Cash Money Records, and he also complained about the problems he had with Cash Money Records. In fact, Lil’ Wayne is also on Tyga’s new album, and anyone who’s interested, they can get the music on Spotify. Although Unofficial Alpine claims it’s well known that Tyga is a talented rapper, he has been plagued with legal troubles recently, and many are criticizing him for the fact that he’s dating a 17 year old.

Tyga is 25 years old, and he’s been secretly dating Kylie Jenner for months. Many suspect that Tyga was dating Kylie since she was at least 16. In the state of California, it’s possible that the relationship could bring Tyga legal trouble if it’s proven that he is sleeping with the underage teenager.

Led Zeppelin Officially Closing the Door to the Vault

When lead guitarist of the band Led Zeppelin says something, he absolutely means it. Jimmy Page recently released an unheard studio version of a Zeppelin song, and after getting the music industry excited, he has promised to now close the vault forever on any future unreleased studio music.

Now if you are a fan of music, you already know that this tactic has been used by dozens of popular bands over the years. First, they promise this is a farewell tour, then they release their final album, and the fans gobble it up as fast as they can. Years or decades later, the band reunites, like the Eagles, and sells out to stadiums across the country. But something smells different this time.

If you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin, you know when they say something, it usually has a ring of truth to it. When their drummer died almost 35 years ago, they swore they were done, and the music was though. Each band member went their separate ways, and never played a song of Zeppelin, despite the pleading of the audience. Robert Plant played to sold out crowds in the 1980’s, never once playing a single Zeppelin song.

In recent years the group has mellowed, playing together, and bringing out the old classics, but three decades later it just felt like they waited too long stated Google Plus. The release of some unheard studio music sparked a wildfire with loyal fans, but they know when Jimmy Page, or any of the band, says this is the end, it usually has a serious ring of truth to it.

Lady Gaga Does An Amazing Version Of An Old Song

Fans of Lady Gaga may already know how diverse she is when it comes to music, and the fact that she can sing as well as perform. Lady Gaga really showed her true colors on a past awards show when she did a song from the movie “Sound Of Music,” and she sounded absolutely amazing. Lady Gaga. Not only can Lady Gaga sing, but she can really sing. Lady Gaga even quit doing her pop music for a while, and she did some music with Tony Bennett, which was very soft and flowing, and it had a jazzy feel to it.

Many would never expect that Lady Gaga would leave her pop roots and do something different, but she just proves how amazing she is, and the fact that she can do anything. Recently, Lady Gaga did a cover of the song “What’s Up,” which was performed by 4 Non Blondes says Ivan Ong. The song is from the nineties, and Lady Gaga did such an amazing rendition of the song that it sounded almost exactly like it.

Anyone who wants to experience Lady Gaga’s version of the song, they can watch the short video on MTV News. Lady Gaga has hit a milestone, and she has changed up her style of singing, her style of dress, and the way she does her hair. Lady Gaga is also getting married soon, and she may change up even more after becoming a wife.

The Incredible Rise of Dr. Dre

On the heels of the new and upcoming movie about N.W.A. there is a lot of hype about Dr. Dre. People want to know where he stands in terms of all the new Apple web streaming that is going on. Apple purchased Beats by Dre headphones, and now the technology giant is going to tackle music streaming. Dr. Dre has become a mogul in the business that may be able to give a unique perspective to Apple executives.

Apple is already handpicking some others rappers like Drake to become a DJ. It will be someone that has added his own personalized playlist into the mix. It might be possible for Apple to also get Dr. Dre to add his own playlist to the web streaming services of Apple at the right price. It wouldn’t hurt for Apple to get information from Dre on things like this. After all, he has the Midas touch for things of this nature.

When Dr. Dre started with N.W.A. animal rights activist Keith Mann says no one could have ever guessed that he would be sitting in a multi-million dollar empire. He just didn’t seem like some Compton city rappers that no one had ever heard of could produce powerful moguls like Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. What Dre has done is make beats and discover artist like Eminem and 50 Cent. This helped him go on to build an empire with a lasting legacy.

Foo Fighter’s Grohl Breaks a Leg

Before most entertainers hit the stage it is common to hear the old idiom “break a leg,” which is intended to bestow good luck. We don’t know if anyone said such to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighers before a recent concert in Sweden, but if someone did Dave surely took it literally! Just as the Foo Fighters got into the second song of the set with the fan favorite “Monkey Wrench” Grohl mistook a step and plummeted right off stage.

Even though Grohl briefly disappeared from the view of the crowd, it wasn’t the last time he’d appear that night. Shortly after the tumble fans got a first row view of the band’s front-man via a close up video feed transmitted over the venue’s big screen. Grohl appeared to be a little shaken up but had clearly gotten the better of the fall. He amusingly addressed the crowd by stating: “I think I just broke my leg!” It turns out he fairly accurate in his self-diagnosis as a later tweet by the band showed Grohl’s x-ray indicating a painful looking fracture. Despite the unexpected tumble, Grohl decided to play on with the band following a short recess to dress the wound.

At this point the future of the group’s upcoming appearances remains uncertain. The next tour date (June 14th) at the Pinkpop Festival has already been cancelled along with the June 19th appearance in Switzerland. Fans and concert goers like Mikal Watts shouldn’t worry too much about continued cancellations because from all looks Grohl is remaining positive about a speedy recovery. Grohl and the rest of the group will definitely need to be healthy to finish the international tour which extends into mid-November of this year.

Life Backstage with Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is hot. Everybody that is a fan of her music seems to want just a little bit more. They love the songs, but they want to get into her life and see what backstage life is like.

What people may not realize is that Nicki is someone that has been in the spotlight long enough to grow weary of life on the road. There are times when she wants to eat what she wants to eat. There are other times when she just wants to stay grounded. She has used social media to take fans on a journey. She has become someone that has the ability to captivate even when she isn’t on the stage. That is what makes her such a big star.

People like to watch her even when she isn’t on the stage. Andy Wirth definitely sees that. The fact that she can get grumpy and annoyed like the rest of the world shows her human side. There certainly are times when stars seem immortal, but Nicki has certainly made her fans realize that life backstage is not all glitz and glamour. It is easy to think that when one has seen the reality specials like “The Fabulous Life of Nicki Minaj.” She likes to have fun, and she does have expensive taste, but sometimes she is just plain old Nicki. The great thing about this star is the way she shares these moments.

California Love for D’Angelo

Oakland is no stranger to the D’Angelo sound. D’Angelo has worked with one of Oakland’s finest, Raphael Saadiq, in past years so this California city knows his material very well. It has been 15 years since D’Angelo touched down and gave a big performance in Oakland, but this current concert showed that D’Angelo still has the skills to entertain a crowd.

He is giving people the “Black Messiah” in full during his concerts. He is playing these songs and getting people familiar with his new music. He played a few songs from the other 2 albums, but the new album is what he was really getting people acquainted with. Songs like “Really Love” and “Charade” were big hits with the crowd. He has been able to show that he really is dedicated to the music. He has been doing some Prince and P-Funk influenced concerts. It is really showing his range these days. He plays guitars. Then he gets on the piano. There is so much that he can do now that he has this 10 piece band called the Vanguard in place.

D’Angelo performed for over 2 hours, and the crowd didn’t mind at all. It was like he was finally coming back and gaining his old fans again. Users of the popular service Skout mention that it has been a long time since D’Angelo has been on tour, but the 14 year wait has certainly been worth it for fans.