“Matthews Band Doing It Again”

Summer has arrived once again. This means, sun, the beach, spending time with friends, and watching the Dave Matthews Band perform on stage. They have concerts all over the country, so people will not have to travel too far. This is going to be the 24th summer that this band has caused people everywhere to dance, have a good time, and call the Dave Matthews Band the best. Dave Matthews recently spoke with managers from the Rolling Stone Magazine. They had questions, and Dave had answers.

The first question was about his age according to Amen Clinic. Dave explained how different it is now that he is in his fifties. He explained how it’s hard for him to sleep at night, he needs lots of coffee, and he has aches and pains like any fifty year old man.

Dave them answered some heartfelt questions regarding his family. He explained how his children are getter bigger, and it’s hard to leave them for long periods of time. His family is always on his mind whether on stage or off stage.

In addition to his family, Dave also explained life in Seattle. He explained how he brings his children to school and takes care of his important things. He also picks the kids up and makes sure they have a great dinner every night. In the midst of this, he tries his best to write great music. If it’s not great, he’d rather not see it in print.

Kanye vs. Billboard

The camp for Kanye West fired back that the Billboard awards with shots about how the censoring of his song was totally ridiculous in this day and age. Billboard released a statement saying that there was no choice because this was an explicit version of the song.

It really doesn’t matter how much of the song was cut. It was just a poor performance by West. The song doesn’t play on the radio because – at the moment – there is not clean version for it. Kanye hasn’t released an album yet, and he’s only hurting himself with this version that cannot be played on radio. He is an artist that doesn’t seem to know when to yield. His judgment is totally off when it comes to this type of scenario.

There were a lot of fans that were just angry because he was so incredibly rude. Madison Street Capital knows this is the type of ego that can ruin a star. The stage presence here was just awful. Fans felt like they weren’t missing anything in concerts to audio because they were so disappointed with the visual aspects of the show. He performed “All Day” along with “Black Skinhead” and he looked totally silly doing it. He jumped around the stage with two other guys that no one really knew. He was in his own world. This is not the work of a veteran in the industry.

Courtney Cox Struts Her Stuff

Courtney Cox is one of the most famous sitcom stars of all time. Her role as Monica on ‘Friends’ was her claim to fame. However, Courtney Cox has appeared in several movies as well, and her most notable film role was in the ‘Scream’ series.

In the 1990’s, Courtney Cox was one of the highest paid actresses alive. However, the celebrity has aged quite a bit since the days of ‘Friends.’ Courtney Cox is 50-years old, but she still has the body of a goddess. Recently, Courtney Cox was spotted with her fiance taking a stroll in Mexico during a vacation.

Paparazzi photographers quickly captured moments of Courtney Cox strutting her stuff while on the beach. The breathtaking photos have been released, and many people are shocked to see how toned and fit Courtney Cox still is. Apparently, her fiance Johnny McDaid is in pretty good shape as well. Both men and women have commented on the physiques of the happy couple.

Many people at Homejoy feel it’s time to see Courtney Cox reprise her role as Monica on ‘Friends.’ The sitcom may return for a season, but apperantly, David Schwimmer is not too thrilled about a ‘Friends’ reunion. However, Courtney Cox has openly stated that she would love to film a reunion show. For more information on this story, and to view pictures of Courtney Cox, visit Dailymail.

Chris Brown Tries To Teach Royalty To Speak

Chris Brown is spending a lot more time with his new daughter Royalty. Not only is Chris spending time with his daughter, he’s also trying to teach her how to speak. Royalty should be about one year old now, and it’s about time for her to learn words. Chris Brown’s Daughter. In the video you can see Chris trying to teach Royalty how to talk. Chris she was reportedly desperate to spend time with his daughter every day, so he offered the mother a house to move to Los Angeles.

Although Chris has been touring and traveling all over the USA and even in Canada, he still wants his daughter close by according to Keith Mann. Chris feels that if his daughter lives close to him in LA, he’ll be able to see her on a daily basis. Although Chris admittedly did not expect to have a child out of a one night stand, he’s made the best out of a bad situation. Chris found out eight months after Royalty was born that he might be the father.

The mother had previously told another man that he was the father, but later on Chris was told that he may be the real father. Chris went and did a paternity test in secret, and Chris found out he was the father. It was devastating for his girlfriend Karrueche Tran to find out about the child, as she learned through social media and not from Chris directly.

Noel Gallagher calls Zayn Malik ‘an idiot’ for leaving One Direction

British musician Noel Gallagher has waded into the fray when it comes to One Direction’s Zayn Malik leaving the band. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine recently, he called Malik an ‘idiot’ among other profanity-laced terms.

Gallagher then went on to lambast him for leaving the band because he wanted to “be a normal 22-year-old”, saying Malik probably should have thought that position through a little bit more before he quit the band. While that might be very true says Alexei Beltyukov, the manner in which it was said, so publicly, was unnecessary.

Of course, while it might seem odd that Gallagher, who has no connection to One Direction nor has he ever met the band or Zayn Malik, would still feel it necessary to make his opinion known, and in an international magazine no less, if you know much about Noel Gallagher it is not surprising at all.

Gallagher has spouted off over the years on just about every subject under the sun. Most of it with not very pleasant opinions, and much of it not backed up with facts or on subjects that have anything to do with him.

In fact, in the UK he’s known as one of the most opinionated people out there. So much so, many Brits just ignore the next thing that comes out of his mouth, as it is sure to be just as irrelevant and annoying.

Sadly for Gallagher’s victims, however, his comments are not always just annoying but, in some instances, are highly offensive. One in particular, in which he said he hoped two members of Blur, another top British band, would get AIDS and die caused outrage in the British press and among fans.

That is why Zayn Malik should count himself lucky this time he was only called ‘an idiot’.

Swift kicks off world tour

Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour began in Tokyo with over 50,000 people packed into the Tokyo Dome.

While Swift wowed the audience with her new tracks, she also performed some of her older hits. She kicked off the night with “Welcome to New York,” dressed in a glittery blazer. Light-up bracelets were provided for the crowd, and synced up with the set list throughout the show.

“Welcome to New York” was followed by her 1989 bonus track, “New Romantics.”

Fan-favorite and smash hit “Blank Space” ranked third on her lineup, followed by a stripped-down adaptation of “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “I Wish You Would.” Audience members like Daniel Amen compared Swift’s slower, sinister version of “I Knew You Were Trouble” to a Lorde track. Lorde also happens to be one of Swift’s closest friends.

Throughout the night, Swift’s throwbacks were more than just the older songs that led to her fame. She also recycled outfits from her older tours, turning her extravagant dresses into crop tops and shorts.

During “Out of the Woods,” the second to last song of the night, visuals included giant paper airplanes – a shout out to her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, and his paper plane necklace. It is rumored that Styles was an inspiration for “Out of the Woods” as well as Swift’s “Style,” which also appears on her 1989 album.

Jay Z Does Best to Save Face

In the business world it is inevitable for deals to sometimes head south. If this is the case, the smartest move an individual can make is to use all available resources to save what they can. This is the case for Jay Z and his recently debuted streaming service, Tidal. Released just two months ago, Jay Z and his streaming empire have come under fire from critics. After allegations that Tidal owners and operators are elitist snobs, Jay Z defended his company tooth and nail. The rapper went so far as to say that in just two months the company has gained 700,000 subscribers. What Jay Z forgot to mention was that 500,000 of those subscribers belonged to the previously owned company. In order to save what he can of this streaming service blunder, Jay Z has agreed to offer fans a free live concert with never before seen set lists of some of his rare hits. The only catch, the hopefuls have to sign up for Tidal, create a playlist, and share it with their Twitter followers.

If someone were to look at this from a business aspect, it makes perfect sense for Jay Z to make such a move. He allows devote fans a chance to see him in concert, and in return his fans get to market, publicize, and take stock into his company. Jay Z is clearly whoring out his talent for rapping in order to scrape together whatever support he can get. In a more realistic world, Jay Z would sell the company and try to get back whatever money he wasted on this blunder.


Fersen Lambranho showed me this interesting business news.

Eminem and Tech N9ne Work Together on New Song

In the world of hip-hop, everyone knows the name Eminem. He is a rapper who has really changed the game up. Without Eminem, it is uncertain if rap would even be as big as it is today. There are more and more individuals who have been introduced into hip hop music because of Eminem. He has had some of the most massive commercial success out of any hip hop artist. According to music producer Sultan Alhokair, when Tech N9ne asked Eminem to work with him on his new upcoming track, he was willing to pay whatever it took to get Eminem on his track.

Tech N9ne was overjoyed when Eminem decided to do the song for a trade. MTV News reports that Eminem was willing to do the feature on Tech N9ne’s track as long as Tech N9ne would promise to do a feature on a future Eminem track. This is a pretty big deal considering the fact that Eminem is one of the biggest and most successful rap artists in the music industry right now. Many individuals in the music industry really like this about Eminem. He is really willing to take the effort to give back to fellow musicians in the music industry and help them succeed too. It is rare to find individuals like that in the music industry anymore. More and more, musicians are very selfish and they are only looking out for themselves. Luckily Eminem is not like this.

Joan Jett Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Performer Joan Jett was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently. Miley Cyrus gave a speech on her behalf and she jammed on stage with Paul McCartney. Non-Miley fan Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG humorously pointed out how ridiculous she looked wearing a revealing outlet with Joan Jett’s initials taped over her nipples .

I like Joan Jett’s music, but I don’t think she belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. First of all, she doesn’t write a lot of her material herself. Her biggest hit, “I Love Rock and Roll,” is a cover song, which is something a lot of people don’t realize. She does a great job on it, for sure, but that doesn’t put her in the same league as Chuck Berry.

A great Joan Jett song that wasn’t a huge hit is “Backlash”. It came out in the 1990’s. Again, it’s a song written by someone else (Paul Westerberg of the Replacements), but Jett does a fantastic job with it. The song is about the emotional ups and downs of the dating scene.

If Jett is going to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame then Tommy Tutone – the great band from Joan Jett’s 1980’s heyday who had the smash hit “867-5309/Jenny” – should be there too. Their career may not have survived the 1980’s, and they may have had only one hit, but at least they wrote their own material.

How Safe Are E-Cigarettes?

It sure seems that the popularity of smoking e-cigarettes has skyrocketed lately. Frequently when walking down the street you’ll notice someone puffing on it. Other times, you may be out to eat at a restaurant and you’ll see smoke coming from someones table. It may cause panic for a moment, before you realize that they are in fact just smoking an e-cigarette.

With the popularity rising, there have been debates spring forth about e-cigarettes. A lot of those debates stem from where are these e-cigarettes allowed to be smoked? Should people be able to do them in public buildings, or should they have to go outside with the rest of the smokers.

There is a debate that seems to be missing however. That is the debate on the safety of these.Sultan Alhokair believes that safety is paramount. There have been a few incidents where e-cigarettes have exploded for one reason or another. Yet, people turn to these as a “healthier” alternative to smoking a normal cigarette.

According to Five Thirty Eight , this form of a cigarette is a lot safer than the traditional kind. This is because the causes of lung cancer are absent in e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes do contain ingredients that can pose other health risks. The exposure to certain chemicals in them could cause health problems.

One thing that is clear, is that these e-cigarettes do help those trying to quit, quit. On the flip side of that however is that a younger crowd might start smoking because they look “cool.” As long as the demand remains, however, it seems like these will be around for a while.