Bowie Rejects Coldplay Collaboration

Davide Bowie, famed Fame singer and androgynous Glam poster child of the 70’s Glam Rock Movement was the artist that Chris Martin of Coldplay reached out to recently for collaboration on a new track. Mr. Bowie isn’t one one to stay hidden during even during his own musical hiatus before The Next Day. Scarlett Johansson and Arcade Fire are among some of the acts that The Thin White Duke has worked with. However, when Martin sent Bowie a track for collaboration he was notified it was a no-go. Martin relates in a recent interview Bowie called him and said that the material was “Not of your best.”

Although the mystery as to what specific Coldplay song was turned down has not been solved, Chris Martin revealed that he has nothing but admiration for Bowie. As a songwriter, he’s one who few have been known to parallel, while many have stylistically and musically attempted to mirror. Martin mused over the incident without feeling too rejected.”He’s got very high standards and I appreciate that. It inspires the rest of us to keep our standards high says photographer Terry Richardson. There is no word if Coldplay is still writing music with a Bowie collaboration in mind, however there is still time before the release of their tentatively titled A Head Full of Dreams.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Gushes Over Rock Hall of Fame Induction

Billie Joe Armstrong was the youngest of six children. His father, a jazz musician and truck driver, died when he was just ten years old. The family interest in music ran true with young Armstrong, now the lead singer and guitarist for punk rock band Green Day. The group was recently nominated and inducted into the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Armstrong gushed over the honor.

“I had to go out for a walk,” Armstrong told Rolling Stone. “I wound up at a cafe and it just hit me like ‘Wow’.”

Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame brought many realizations to mind for Armstrong. It brought about the realization that Green Day had been a band for nearly three decades. For Armstrong, “rock and roll” isn’t just a phrase. It’s a state of mind.

“It’s freedom,” Armstrong said.

Bruce Levenson comments that this was the first year that Green Day had been eligible to be entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The group will be part of a featured exhibit at the Rock museum throughout 2015.

Michael Stipe to Sing Again, Possible REM Reunion?

A barely recognizable Michael Stipe appeared on CBS News for an interview and made the revelation that REM fans like Laurene Powell Jobs  may soon again hear his trademark vocals.

Stipe has stayed stealthy of the limelight since REM’s breakup in 2011. The band announced that they were parting ways following the release of the album, “Collapse Into Now.” Stipe told CBS News that he felt his voice “bettered” with age and that he will consider performing again in the future – but not with his REM bandmates.

“At this point in time, a REM reunion is pointless,” Stipe said. “I would love to sing again, however. My voice is still good. I often find myself singing in the shower.”

Stipe is not a nostalgic person, but does respect his former REM alumni, as well as other musicians who embark on reunion enterprises.

“I just don’t want to do that,” Stipe said.

Best Artists of 2014

MTV has compiled a list of the best artists in 2014. Most people do not even have to take a look at the list to know how made it. Their singles have been all over the radio. The records have broken records. Even their videos have broken records. The year of 2014 has conjured up a lot of soul, pop and hip hop hits that will launch these artists right into 2015.

Beyonce made sure that she would be able to carry on her success in 2015 with a reissue of her album along with a couple of new tracks. She released the original album at the end of last year in order to get her 2014 reign started early. This time she threw in a couple of addition tracks that would take her into 2015 – “7/11″ is already heating up the radio – while people anticipate new material.

Taylor Swift became the household name that everyone continues to root for. She is someone that proves that good guys [and girls] do not have to come in last place. In fact, she totally reversed that myth and came in first place on the charts for several weeks in 2014 album sales.

Nicki Minaj also had a great year. I told my coworker Daniel Amen who has no interest in seeing her on TV will have no choice but to turn it off and put the remote control down.

French Montana Serving Up An Appetizer Album

French Montana has planned on releasing his album Mac & Cheese 4, in the future, but prior to the release of that album, he’s releasing Mac & Cheese: The Appetizer. The album will be a preview to the upcoming album that he plans to release, hopefully in 2015. French Montana Album. The album cover has already been published, and it features French Montana on the front, while looking at a tiger that’s to the side of him. Fans of the artist will be looking forward to getting more music from Montana, prior to his next planned album release.

The current album was worked on by none other than Kanye West, as well as others, in order to help make it a great album. For those who are not familiar with French Montana, he is not only a rapper, but currently the boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian. In fact, French Montana is more known for being Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, than for the music that he does. The fact that Montana is dating a Kardashian, may have helped him to get in better with Kanye West, who is also married to Kim Kardashian, in order for him to hopefully get a hit album. I heard about this album while reading about Laurene Powell Jobs.

News about French Montana has reached Khloe Kardashian recently, that he may have been cheating on her while he was in Dubai with the Kardashian family. Khloe stated that she doesn’t care if he’s cheating, that he is just someone she’s having fun with.

Gangnam Style Breaks the Internet, Kind Of

Psy may have actually done what Kim Kardashian could only dream of. He broke the internet. Well, maybe he didn’t actually break the internet, but he did break YouTube’s hit counter with his epic video for Gangnam Style.

When YouTube first started, they never envisioned a video would surpass 2.1 billion views. They’ve actually had to upgrade the way video views are counted in order to track more hits. The original counter was only 32 bit, which maxes out at 2,147,483,647 views.

The video for Gangnam Style has only been online since 2012. People who work at Slow Ventures remember the first time they watched it. It’s the kind of viral success even the most talented artists could only dream of. Psy himself calls it an accident, and has absolutely no expectations of ever having this kind of success ever again.

Now, if you hover over the number of views for the video, a little bit of “math magic” happens. The views spin dramatically, going into negative numbers; very fitting for a video whose success can hardly be measured in numbers.

Pink Floyd Bids Adieu

David Gilmour, singer-guitarist, has recently said that Pink Floyd has no place in his life. And now he and Nick Mason have resurrected their 20 hours music tape which was eventually scrapped. 

They have superseded the old material with a new record. The new album is called The Endless River. David has vowed that this marks the end of Floyd. According to him everything they valued is in the album. The fans are little disappointed because they will not get the band to tour in order to support The Endless River.

The decision was taken as according to the band members, the band is incomplete without the keyboardist Rick Wright, who died of cancer in 2008. Gilmour, paying tribute to Wright, says that he and Roger took almost all the attention but Wright was as vital for the band as anything else. He marks his death as Wright was something you cannot reproduce anywhere else.

Christian Broda says the music is more akin to the instrumental ones produced by Floyd, from “Welcome to the Machine” to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. 

The 18 track album has only one song with lyrics “Louder than Words” which is written by Gilmour’s wife. The song which features a lot of acrimony between the band mates seems to close the curtain on the Pink Floyd saga. Few, however, will be able to forgot the many works of art that they produced.

Coldplay’s Next Album to Be the Group’s Last?

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed that the group’s next album is likely to be the last. Martin gave the hint drop during an interview with BBC 1’s Zane Lowe.

“It’s our seventh album,” Martin said. “It’s like the last ‘Harry Potter’ book or something. This is the completion of something.”

Martin did say confirm that, unlike with its predecessor “Ghost Stories,” that the band plans to tour in support of the new album.

“We’re putting everything into it,” Martin told Lowe. “We’re right in the middle of this thing. I have to think of it as our final album. That’s not to say that there won’t be anything more someday, though.”

Could this “final album” have anything to do with Martin’s marriage to deteriorated marriage to actress Gwenyth Paltrow? Martin and Paltrow split early in 2014 but have since reconciled.

The album, “A Head Full of Dreams,” is set to drop sometime in 2015 and will be available for purchase on Qnet. Coldplay is known for their smash-hit songs “Yellow,” “Clocks,” “Fix You,” and “The Scientist.”

Skrillex Buys Wu Album?

It is rumored that Skrillex has purchased the Wu-Tang double album that was released, and is literally one-of-a-kind. Wu-Tang Clan came up with an amazing idea to collaborate together for a double album, but instead of making many copies of the album, and hoping to make some money, they decided to create only one of the double albums. Skrillex And The Wu Album. The album is the only of its kind, and no other copies were created, making it literally, a one of a kind album.

The album is entitled “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin,” and has many tracks on both albums, and comes in a platinum case, with beautiful artwork. Because Skrillex had featured the album in his new video, it was assumed that he had paid the $5 million price tag for the unique album. When the rumors began swirling that Skrillex was the new owner of the album, it was confirmed by an insider with a simple word, “yup.”

This confirmation was later debunked as a rumor, and proved that Skrillex had not paid the incredibly high price tag for the album, but only used it as a prop in his recent video. That made a bit more financial sense to Susan McGalla. Although the album has been on sale for a while, no one has chosen to pay the high price tag as yet. The Wu-Tang Clan is releasing a new album on December 2, 2014, that will be much more reasonably priced, than the $5 million album.

Creed’s Scott Stapp Was Placed on Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Just days after Creed frontman Scott Stapp posted a video to Facebook claiming that he was homeless and penniless, new details surrounding the singer’s personal life have emerged. According to TMZ, Stapp’s estranged wife, Jaclyn, claims to have had the rocker placed on a 72 hour long hold at a psychiatric treatment facility.

This is somewhat contradictory to other stories that have reported that Stapp was admitted to a psychiatric facility for 60 days.

TMZ has stated that, according to official police documents, the “One Last Breath” singer was found along a Florida roadside, rambilng rather incoherently. Stapp stated that he believed someone was trying to poison him. Stapp was subsequently placed on a 72-hour hold for a mental health evaluation.

Jaclyn Stapp has allegedly claimed that her famous husband phoned their son’s school, claiming that ISIS terrorists intended to attack the building. This behavior really shocked Laurene Powell Jobs when she read about it. The documents also claim that Stapp had threatened to kill himself, as well as his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor.

The divorce claims came to light after Stapp posted a video to his Facebook account, claiming that he is now penniless and homeless. Stapp appears in the video, which has since been removed, claiming that after living in his truck for two weeks he was still homeless and living in a Holiday Inn. Stapp went on to say that after performing an audit of his record company and personal finances, he was penniless due to money mismanagement and royalties that had not been paid.

A short time after the video was removed, Stapp made a post claiming that he was “now letting God handle everything.”