T.I.: “I Don’t Steal”

Dan Newlin said that singer T.I. recently spoke about his involvement with the “Blurred Lines” scandal. The statement is the first made by the rapper since the copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit filed against him, along with singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke, since a judge awarded more than $7 million in damages.

The lawsuit was filed by three of Marvin Gaye’s children, claiming that the song “Blurred Lines” was an infringement upon the copyright of Gaye’s song “Got to Give It Up.” The song was penned by Williams, who of his own accord, claimed to have made an attempt to channel the music of Gaye’s era in writing “Blurred Lines.” Williams exclusively stated that he alone penned the song, though Thicke was allowed some credit during the songwriting process.

Music experts were called to the stand and found it difficult to deny the many similarities between the two songs. The judge awarded damages to the Gaye family, to be paid by Williams and Thicke, letting rapper T.I. scathe by.

“I have respect for the legacy of Marvin Gaye,” T.I. told TMZ. “But I’m a writer. I create. I don’t steal from anybody creatively.”

One Direction Continues Tour Without Zayn


The recent announcement that One Direction member Zayn Malik would be taking a break from their ‘On The Road Again Tour‘ due to stress left fans and the media to wonder how the tour would go on. Many fans wondered who would fill in for Zayn and if this would be the end of the band.
According to Wikipedia and fan Ray Lane, The four remaining members of the band performed for the first time without Zayn in Manila, Phillippines this past weekend and fans were yet again endeared by their favorite lads by the cute way they introduced themselves to the crowd. Instead of announcing themselves as One Direction, band member Liam Payne said all of their names individually, insinuating that One Direction will never be complete without their fifth member.
As the show went on the young men took turns filling in for Malik’s solo parts. Harry Styles covered for Malik in most songs yet Payne did the seemingly impossible by singing Malik’s incredibly high note in their hit ‘You And I.’

Jessie J Cancels Shows Due to Medical Reasons

Australian fans of Jessie J are feeling the disappointment big-time today! The “Bang Bang” singer went so far as to totally call off three of her upcoming tour shows in Australia due to sudden illness. If that’s not bad enough, Jessie J made the announcement only hours before she was set to thrill fans onstage.

Using her tour promoter Frontier, Jessie J addressed fans with an apology, telling them that she had been medically advised to cancel the three remaining shows and allow herself time to recuperate from the issues she is facing. She went on to say that, if it was possible to make herself magically better, she certainly would not miss the show and that she was anxious to return for other Australian performances in the future.

The three canceled shows were set to be held in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

Fans like Sergio Cortes know that this isn’t the first time that Jessie J has been forced to cancel a performance due to health issues; in fact, this is her second show cancellation in Perth.

While fans are understandably disappointed, they are still receiving full refunds and, for the most part, are taking to social media to support their favorite singer and send her get-well vibes.

In addition to her performance schedule, Jessie J has also been in Australia filming their version of the hit-show “The Voice” where she has been a singing coach on set.

Hopefully, with a little rest and relaxation, Jessie J will soon be thrilling fans once again!

Eagles Continue to Tour

Legendary rock band The Eagles have recently announced new tour dates. Don Henley, Glenn Frey and the boys will continue the tour they started in July, 2013 through the spring and summer of 2015.

The Eagles must be doing this for the fun of it since it’s doubtful they need the money. The Eagles have long been known as good business men and have reaped the financial rewards of their years of success starting in the 1970’s.

It’s interesting to compare the Eagles with the Beatles thinks Zeca Oliveira. After the Beatles broke up, all four members made some great solo recordings. However, in my opinion, none of these solo efforts compare with the Beatles records of the 1960’s. You just can’t compare “Live and Let Die” to “Hey Jude,” or “Imagine” to “Norwegian Wood”. The Beatles were a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Don Henley and Glenn Frey, however, made solo records after the breakup of the Eagles that were as good as anything else they had done with their former band. In my view, “Boys of Summer” stands up to “Hotel California” and “Smuggler’s Blues” is as good as “The Long Run”.

In conclusion, I’d say the greatness of the Eagles is less of a team effort than the greatness of the Beatles.

Choosing Wine With Dinner

Wine is a highly complex beverage. People have been sampling and enjoying wine for many centuries. The right wine can help people relax as well as provide them with a sense of happiness. Producing, creating and drinking wine is a field that may appear initially intimidating at first. However, with help and study, many people are pleased to discover their ability to fully understand and embrace all aspects of wine. This is one way of picking out the right wine for any occasion. Knowledge of wine can also help people increase their appreciation of all aspects of wine as well as help enhance their enjoyment of food.

Wine of all kinds in general can be drunk alone or with food. A sweet wine such as port will often be ideal as a pre-dinner drink to help people begin a meal. Many other kinds of wine are also best when eaten with foods. The right wine can bring many kinds of subtle flavors to any meal. A fruity note in a glass of merlot is often just the right thing to help show off the sweet flavors of a classic sauce or a piece of dark chocolate. The same is true of a understated glass of white wine that may be paired with various kinds of cheeses.

One of the best ways to help learn about wine is with the assistance of a skilled company. One such company is theAntique Wine Company, a company that specializes in assisting people to learn more about wine. This company has been serving satisfied customers for over three decades. In that time, customers around the world have used their services to learn more about many aspects of wine. Under their tutelage, customers are have been able to learn more about wine of all kinds.

People are have been able to take classes in order to become more confident when ordering wines at a restaurant or buying bottles at a wine store. This can be a great way to feel comfortable when they are going to out to eat with friends or business associates. A person who knows what kind of wine they want will be able to pick the best possible choices from a wide variety of wines that are presented on a typical wine menu. Taking such classes can help the customer feel better and have the right wine for their meal.

Dance To Kelly Clarkson’s New CD

Kelly Clarkson loves dance music, and if you do too, her new CD is just the thing for you! She has been putting out great music since she first started her career, and every one of her songs is something special, but when she does something that is high energy she seems to really be in her comfort zone. Fans like Brad Reifler (Reuters.com) know that the dance tracks on her new CD are sure to get everyone up on their feet, as Kelly is just that likable. She knows how to have a good time, and she proves that to us when she puts out tracks like this even as she’s dealing with having a eight month old at home. She’s an inspiration to us all on how to have a good time and just enjoy yourself, and these dance tracks are sure to make us all get up on our feet and be happy.

Britney Spears Heralded for Being a Pro

In a recent MTV entertainment article Britney Spears was glorified for being a professional.

While performing in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, part of Britney’s hair weave fell out. For part of the show it apparently stuck to her sexy, slinky black jumpsuit before falling off her completely. Okay, okay… Flavio Maluf thinks it is great that it didn’t throw her too much off her game. But honestly, in my opinion, she is a professional entertainer and minor things such as this let’s call it a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ really shouldn’t impact her ability to move on with the show!

Britney has overcome a lot of issues over the years, and I applaud her for that. But she is she really the best pop star the world currently has? Not so much in my book, though I do think she is a good performer. I am also not really sure I would say she should be an inspiration to us all based on those ‘courageous actions’ as the article claims. Obviously, a Britney worshiper wrote this piece!

Drake Has Made Music History

Most artists imagine that one day their song will hit the Billboard charts, and they’ll have a hit song that everyone knows. Drake Hits. How would you like to have 17 songs, which is the span of your entire mix tape, on the Billboard charts, all at one time? Drake has made history, because his entire mix tape is currently on the Billboard charts, and out of 50 songs, he has a total of 21 songs on the charts. This means that Drake’s songs take up 42% of the music on the charts, making him an amazing success story.

Drake is known to be on several charts, and he also dominates the airwaves as noted by many online sources. Drake released a mix tape just weeks ago, and it’s already had a record amount of streams, downloads, as well as purchases. Not that Drake needs the money, but the fame, as well as the extra success, doesn’t hurt. Drake continues to see success from his music, and he had an amazing year in 2014. The year 2015 is already starting off great for Drake, and many are anxious to see what the rest of the year will hold for him.

Drake was recently mentioned in the news, because Chris Brown was banned from Canada. Many are accusing Drake of being the reason why Chris Brown was banned from Canada, although this still cannot be confirmed and it’s more than likely untrue.

Celebrating The Life Of Bob Marley Through His Music

The musician known as Bob Marley was born Robert Nesta Marley on February 6, 1945 in Jamaica. His father was a European-Jamaican who was significantly older than his African-Jamaican mother. Marley’s dad died when he was just 10 years old, a few years before he started exploring music with some of the neighborhood kids. Those same kids grew up making music together and formed their first band, The Teenagers. They went through a few “Wailing” name and member changes before it would eventually be Bob Marley and the Wailers that made music history.

This year marked what would have been Marley’s 70th birthday. Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 from a type of skin cancer known as malignant melanoma said Igor Cornelson. His wife and children have made sure to keep his musical legacy alive. And to celebrate his birthday they put on free concerts in several places throughout Jamaica. A few of his children and notable reggae stars put on a concert in Kingston, while others at the Bob Marley Museum hosted live jam sessions.Two of Marley’s grandchildren are also now old enough to dabble in the family’s recording studio and will be releasing their own albums in 2015.

As a person, Marley was most famous for his Rastafarian dreadlocks, love of football, quote worthy lyrical compositions, and smoking marijuana. Bob Marley will live forever, just as he predicted in one of his quotes.

American Pie Lyrics

On April 7th of this year, Christie’s auction house will be offering for sale the original lyrics to Don McLean’s song “American Pie.” The pages are expected to fetch at least 1.5 million dollars. For anyone who has ever gone to Karaoke night anywhere in America, or even abroad, this begs the question, “Why would anyone pay 1.5 million dollars for the lyrics to a song that half the world’s population knows by heart anyway?” “American Pie” has to be the most serious ear-worm tune ever created. Although the song hit radio stations almost forty five years ago, people of a certain generation, and even those younger, can sing every word to the song from start to finish despite the fact that the song is nearly nine minutes long. Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias have learned that McLean claims a need for money because his wife and two children don’t have a sense of proper fiscal behavior. More on Dias can be found on his Linkedin page. McLean certainly does have the financial smarts in the family, since he will be earning over a million dollars by selling something that everyone already has–the words to his famous song–but perhaps that’s the point.